Can Guild Wars 2 steal World of Warcraft’s crown?

Sep 6, 2012

Engrossing GW2 might make players reconsider their Warcraft subscriptions

What you need to know
A sequel to the ‘massively multiplayer’ online (MMO) role-playing game Guild Wars by US games maker ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 takes place in the imaginary world of Tyria and follows a guild of dragon fighters called Destiny’s Edge. MMOs are capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously.

Players select a set of skills to engage in combat with a range of monsters as well as taking on a number of tasks. The game makers claim GW2 is unique in featuring a storyline that changes in response to player actions, something which is common in single player role-playing games but rarely seen in multiplayer ones.
Unlike similar online games, it has no ongoing subscription fees, but requires a one-off purchase to install the game.
What the critics like
The original Guild Wars could never quite unseat World of Warcraft as the king of multiplayer online role-playing games, but GW2 might, says Matt Kamen in The Guardian. The art direction is “bewilderingly gorgeous”, the world of Tyria “engrossing”, and it's still free to play. “Time to rethink that Warcraft subscription.”
GW2 is a stunning, beautifully crafted world, says Charles Onyett on IGN. The diversity of gameplay styles is impressive, the pace is fast and players can get on with the fun parts “without much of the tedious fuss normally found in MMOs”.
The whole internet seems abuzz with Guild Wars 2 fever, says Rick Whitlock on What Culture. The game play is incredibly fun, engaging, and rewarding and the gorgeous graphics make it seem like “a vibrant oil painting”. GW2 is “a must buy”.
What they don’t like
There are bugs, of course, as there are at the launch of every MMO, says Michael Plant in The Independent. There have been log-in problems, bugs with guild communications and attempts by hackers to access user accounts. “ArenaNet will sort most of this out, but it does bear mention”.

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As much as I like GW2 and its a great change I won't see it taking no crowns.. Maybe closer then any other past mmo but still not the wow killer

Won't even come close to taking the crown

I think a lot of folks are underestimating the impact this is going to have on WoW, combined with waning interest in a somewhat poorly received expansion.

No one game will likely kill WoW, but there exists a set of condition that will ultimately lead to a loosened grip on the genre - I believe we are seeing those conditions.

This won't take away the hardcore warcraft fan boys and girls, but people like myself who are bored with the same thing different skin each expansion will switch. I already have canceled my WoW sub. The Japanese theme is overdone anymore and the Pandas do not interest me. GW2 is an amazing game, but people are used to the familiar controls and characters in WoW so they will stick with it. I see GW2 being a companion to WoW in a lot of ways since it has no sub fee. To get to the point, no it won't take away WoW's 9 million subscribers but it will make a large dent in it and will pick up people who want to break the mold of WoW every now and again. Also, after the "newness" of MoP wears off people will get bored with it and the obvious second choice to WoW is GW2 since they can essentially "freeze" the WoW account and not pay anything past the intial fee of GW2.

I think the industry has gone past the notion that there should be a "WoW-Killer" in the direct sense. People now look for unique experiences and not necessarily an improved version of a previous system.

I don't deny that there is still some value to benchmarking yourself with your competitors, but it is mostly used to improve one part of the experience you are trying to make as a whole.

This is what I think Arena Net was able to do with Guild Wars 2. It's to keep a large portion of the original experience of Guild Wars, and adapt several systems, which they have further improved upon, to enhance the gaming experience.

No /thread

1. Chinese* 2. GW2 has already lost it's newness, I appreciate it's attempt at trying to turn things around and make a different mmo, and I think that'll play a large part in the design of mmos to come. However, it seems to go out of it's way to be anything like any mmo ever, and this can be a bad thing, familiarity is appreciated, especially when the familiarity does nothing more than let you feel comfortable. There are still many flaws with gw2, a major one being the lack of end game content, horrible bugs, unbalance in classes (definately not the worst I've seen at an mmo launch, but it's there).

tl;dr - I think GW2 will be successful, and it's hardline fans will cling to it for years to come. But it just isn't all it's cracked up to be, WoW's crown is safe.

There is absolutely no way this takes over the crown. Clunky questing system, lack of new player overview and its buggy gameplay. I just don't see it.

I have not played wow sense last year its just not worth the bill anymore, Tried the kong fu panda beta recently but its hardly worth its fee.

Franky i don't see whats so good about wow.

Guild wars 2 is amazing! I cant get enough of it. played wow for about 6-7years stopped at the end of last year and haven't turn back , guild wars came along and it's blown everything out of the water! it's an amazing game!

:) im so happy its finally out, i told my guild in wow that it would be amazing and so far it is, sure there are bugs, but the only bad thing about the game ive found so far is the fact that theres not really a tutorial for some of us noobs who take alittle bit longer then others... buut other then that i have to say its perfect, i even found out my old gm is playing it now , i really thought she'd be the last person to leave wow, but maybe she finally got bored like i did months ago, honestly the new expansion for wow doesnt appeal to me at all, it will still be the same game thats outlived its welcome, gw2 is free to play, it offers so much more balance and it is just stunning, i dont see how anyone would want to stay with wow, i left behind one of the best geared healers on my server and havent had a second thought yet, :) GW2 xD you better have some amazing expansions :) :)

One week in and i'm already bored to tears with gw2, it took me 6 years to get bored of wow. Wow killer? don't make me piss myself with laughter.

One the new factor has worn off...i give it 3 months then gw2 will be dead, it is ofc a game of style over substance. Bye bye gw2 you nearly convinced us but now you have to go.