Resident Evil 6: the hit horror survival game gets even darker

Oct 4, 2012

Latest instalment gets down and dirty with a new rogues’ gallery of mutant zombie fiends

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What you need to know
Japanese designers Capcom have released Resident Evil 6, the latest instalment in the third-person shooter video game series for PC, Playstation and Xbox.

Shinji Mikami created the original survival horror game in 1996, and it has since spawned a franchise that includes comic books, novels and a series of live-action and animated feature films, the most recent of which is Resident Evil: Retribution, starring Milla Jovovich.

Resident Evil 6 begins in the fictional south-Slavic state of Edonia in the aftermath of a bio-terrorism attack. Players select from three scenarios, following one of three main protagonists - a mercenary, a security expert and a government agent - while fighting infected mutant foes. A fourth scenario is unlocked when players complete the other three.

What the critics like
At its best, this game embraces its old school heritage, pitting its heroes against horrific creatures in the darkest, filthiest locales imaginable, says Richard George on IGN. There’s no shortage of great set pieces, ranging from cities under siege to dark, vast catacombs and cramped, cluttered high-rises. The “tension is palpable thanks to production values that reach new heights”. 

There is a lot to enjoy in this action horror game, says Simon Gallagher on What Culture. Capcom introduce a whole new rogue’s gallery of fiends, as well as the traditional “zombies”. Strong character design and exceptional visual and lighting effects bestow “a darker, more brooding aesthetic” than Resident Evil 5.

As a third-person action shooter, Resident Evil 6 is “fantastic”, says Alastair Stevenson for The Inquirer. It features an interesting interwoven plot, “tense and challenging combat and great multiplayer options”. The story imbues the player “a permanent feeling of unease”, and it even lets you play as a zombie. Recommended for the hardcore gamer.

What they don’t like
The gameplay is a “fairly vanilla”, aim over the shoulder and shoot variety, says Tom Meltzer in The Guardian. And it can feel “like a film being interrupted occasionally by a gamer”. But there’s enough variety to satisfy jaded zombie-hunters and “for newcomers to horror gaming's finest franchise, there's never been a meatier first bite”.

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