PlayStation Unfinished Swan: only weapon is a paint gun

Oct 17, 2012

Players discover an imaginary world through paint in this simple, captivating game

What you need to know
Californian game developers Giant Sparrow have created a new fantasy video game, The Unfinished Swan, for Sony PlayStation. This non-violent game allows players to explore an imaginary dream world.

The game starts with a completely white screen in which the player, in the role of a boy named Monroe, must try to locate a swan that has escaped from a painting. Equipped with a paint gun, players paint the world to reveal the geometry of the environment they are trying to navigate.

The game was released on PlayStation Plus this week, and is available on the PlayStation Network from 23 October.

What the critics like
A game of "unflinching simplicity" and beauty, Unfinished Swan is "nothing short of spectacular", says Greg Miller on IGN. Playing it is like reading a favourite childhood story and meditating with serene music. Best paired with a cup of cocoa and a comfy blanket, this is a world "to get lost in".

The Unfinished Swan takes players on an imagination-filled journey through the inquisitive eyes of a child, says Scott Nichols on Digital Spy. That doesn't mean it is merely a children's game. "Its themes of legacy and loss have just as much to say to any player regardless of age."

It's a captivating must-play for any PlayStation owner, says Mike Kayatta on The Escapist. It offers "emotionally stirring, minimalistic experiences" like those in recent games such as Journey and Flower

What they don't like 
It's not quite as emotionally gripping as Journey, says Mike Plant on Games Catalyst. And Call of Duty addicts might not find much here to interest them.

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