Baldur's Gate enhanced: relive the old-school adventure

Dec 12, 2012

Classic role-playing video game, with clever iPad update, withstands the test of time

What you need to know A remake of the popular 1990s role-playing game Baldur's Gate has been released as Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. The new game, the first from the franchise in nine years, has been released for Microsoft Windows and iPad, with Mac OS X and Android versions to follow. Like the original, the enhanced edition takes place in the fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms and uses a modified version of the rules from the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. Players can become characters including a monk, an elf magician and an orc, who explore the countryside around Baldur's Gate (a large and prosperous city). The enhanced edition includes new side-quests and campaigns, while the iPad edition offers improved viewing features and touch-screen functions. What the critics like If you're looking for old-school adventure, this "serves up a veritable banquet", says Daniel Tack in Forbes. It's "light on story, heavy on combat" and offers "back-to-back battles with some of the nastiest creatures around". Perfect for players looking for "that old RPG feel" without all the wizard conversations. Baldur's Gate was - and still is - a "beautiful, enormous, ambitious and seminal RPG that remains without equal", says Paul Dean on Eurogamer. The enhanced edition offers improved resolution and graphics, and the new Black Pits side-quest is a well-written adventure in its own right. The good news is that this complex game "works surprisingly well on a tablet's touchscreen", says John Bedford at Business Insider. The clever iPad edition brings a host of new refinements to "one of RPG gaming's finest moments". What they don't like At times this "enhanced" business feels like a load of hogwash, says Leif Johnson on IGN. Higher resolution and updated animations improve the visual experience to a degree, but "the project still looks its age".

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The BG series is something I've had a lot of love for since i first played it around 10 years ago. It got me hooked on RPG's and set the level for me on great story driven gaming. Another thing i enjoyed about BG is having the option to play LAN Multi player with my brother, taking control of half the party each and assigning specific roles to each other for our party setups made for a great experience for the both of us.

Now i've seen a lot of people complaining that they haven't done enough to improve the game to justify the $20 price tag.. But isn't the fact they have made a classic game more accessible enough? I'm glad they haven't taken anything away from what is already an epic adventure. What they have done is added to it in a way that isn't invasive to those with memories of the original, or out of place to those who are picking it up for the first time.

I've also seen a lot of people complain about the graphics... which just baffles me. This game looked great when it first came out. It plays in a great top down style which i wish was used far more often and still looks artistic by today's standards. I think i may have preferred Dragon Age if it was done in a similar style as i don't think the cartoon like action did the story justice.

Anyway, I'm having a blast with BG:EE, I Can't wait to see BG2:EE and i Hope they go on to do Ice Windale series as well.