Family-friendly Kinect Party - ultimate in low-hassle gaming

Jan 3, 2013

Motion-sensing video game Kinect Party allows players to share the experience via Facebook

What you need to know
The motion-sensing video game Kinect Party is the second game in Double Fine's Happy Action Theater series for Xbox 360. Kinect Party can support up to six players.

The game was developed from an idea by US games developer Tim Shafer who wanted to create a family game even his two-year-old daughter could play. It allows players to interact with different virtual environments and scenarios such as navigating a lightning storm, building castles or hunting for treasure. It also introduces the ability to take and share photos from the various game modes on Facebook.

What the critics like
This game is cute, adorable, and has tons of visual character, says Casey Lynch on IGN. It's also "pretty much the easiest game to get into and play once you turn the thing on". Great fun, regardless of your age.

Kinect Party is a fantastic addition to the Xbox library and a wonderful sequel to the already classic Happy Action Theater, says Alex Keen for Crave Online. The new photograph feature is great for fans of Facebook and "a wonderful way to share your silly party experiences with friends".

It's giddy, family-friendly and the ultimate in low-hassle gaming, says Corey Cohen on Official Xbox Magazine

What they don't like
Unfortunately, there's not much substance to Kinect Party, says Ernest Cavalli on Digital Trends. Beyond the repetitive gameplay the only real offerings are a handful of minor photo-editing tricks and Facebook connectivity. It's more likely to appeal to "the younger set".

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