Devil May Cry reboot DmC is 'digital action at its finest'

Jan 21, 2013

Demon-slaying video game has great characters, stunning visuals and phenomenal action

What you need to know
A reboot of the popular demon-slaying video game series Devil May Cry has been released in the UK. DmC:Devil May Cry was created by Cambridge-based developers Ninja Theory.

The story focuses on a character called Dante who wakes from a hangover to find himself in a parallel universe called Limbo City. He comes under attack from demons, and must fight back with newly discovered supernatural powers inherited from his otherworldly parents.

Players take on the role of Dante as he uses his powers and weaponry to fight against demonic enemies and navigate the treacherous Limbo.

What the critics like
The DmC reboot is "slick, stylish and cool", says Ashton Raze in the Daily Telegraph. It's a "phenomenal action game" with fantastic character development, biting dialogue and a brilliant visual style.

Great visuals, an engaging narrative, intuitive combat and well-realised character development make it "the most cinematic Devil May Cry yet", says Talal Musa in the Daily Mail. Enemies are varied, and the world "looks stunning" (think Hellraiser spliced with Inception).

Long-time Devil May Cry fans can abandon their fears, says Ryan Clements on IGN. "This is digital action at its finest."

What they don't like
The punishing Aggrotech soundtrack, often accompanied by Dante screaming four-letter expletives, is tiresome, says Lou Kesten on Salon. And some of the combat scenarios "obliterate any boundaries of taste".

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