Thrilling Dead Space 3 'best yet' in sci-fi horror series

Feb 7, 2013

New weapons, scary mutants and creepy environments make this survival game 'a delight'

What you need to know
The third instalment of the popular Dead Space science fiction-horror survival videogame series is released in the UK this week. Dead Space 3, from Visceral Games, is available for Windows, Playstation and Xbox.

Set on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis, the game follows protagonists Isaac Clarke and John Carver as they attempt to destroy the Necromorphs, mutant alien-human zombies which have been attacking human mining colonies.

The third-person shooter gameplay pits the user (as character Isaac Clarke) against the Necromorphs. Isaac must shoot the mutants while searching for lost crewmate Ellie.

What the critics like
This is a "thrilling and worthwhile" sequel for the Dead Space franchise, says Shaun McInnis on Gamespot. An excellent weapon crafting system adds flexibility to combat, there's a range of creepy environments to explore and there's an "outstanding sense of atmosphere". Dead Space 3 "makes fighting for survival a delight".

It's the "most polished, well-paced" entry in this excellent sci-fi horror series yet, says Tim Turi on Gameinformer. The necromorphs are disgustingly detailed, the backdrops are stunning and the new weapons crafting system makes it easy and enjoyable to play.

Dead Space 3 is the magnum opus of this series, and the best entry yet, says Mike Mahardy on Gaming Nexus.

What they don't like
This game is "gorgeous but scruffy", frequently thrilling and often frustrating, says Dan Whitehead on Eurogamer. It throws in the kitchen sink, but manages to balance every misstep with something worthwhile.

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