Stunning sci-fi action game Crysis 3 'utterly absorbing'

Feb 26, 2013

New York is a jungle locked in a dome in the latest exquisitely designed instalment of Crysis

Crysis 3

What you need to know
The latest instalment of the Crysis sci-fi action video game series, Crysis 3, has been released in the UK. The Crysis games are created by German developers Crytek, who also created the popular Far Cry games.

Crysis 3 is set in New York in 2047 with the city overrun by jungle and encased in a giant 'nanodome'. The corrupt Cell Corporation claimed the dome would protect residents against aliens, but it was really a pretext for land control and world domination.

Players take on the role of Prophet, a nano-technology enhanced Soldier who embarks on a revenge mission against Cell. Gameplay involves mostly 'first-person shooter' gun battles with enemy Cell soldiers.

What the critics like
The world of Crysis 3 is gorgeous, says Nick Gillett in The Guardian. The characters are "stunningly realistic" and believable. The game's exquisitely designed spaces and seamless AI make it "never less than utterly absorbing".

"If there is one game you should play in 2013 so far, it's this one," says Robert Bernstein on Den of Geek. It has great sound, great voice acting and fantastic gameplay. It's also "the best looking game of our generation" with "a truly majestic gaming environment".

Crysis 3 is a "superbly controlled, tightly paced and tactically flexible shooter", says Tristan Ogilvie on IGN. The story is "satisfyingly focused" and the dialogue and characterisation are "uniformly excellent".

What they don't like
The graphics may be superb but the action is bland and repetitive, says Roger Hargreaves in Metro. Crysis 3 is proof that "technical wizardry means nothing without compelling gameplay and storytelling".

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