Last of Us: Left Behind, zombie apocalypse game prequel

Feb 17, 2014

Downloadable prologue to the hit zombie game is another masterful mix of interactive story and brutal action

What you need to know

Critics are calling a new instalment of hit zombie apocalypse video game The Last of Us "masterful" and a "must play for fans". The Last of Us: Left Behind is a downloadable prologue to the critically acclaimed and award winning 2013 game developed by Naughty Dog.

Left Behind fills in the back story of the game's central character, Ellie, by following her early teenage friendship with a girl named Riley. Players follow Ellie as she and Riley explore an abandoned mall in a quarantine zone, track and fight bandits and infected humans and collect supplies.

What the critics like

The game is "another masterful mix of interactive story and brutal action", which still packs an emotional punch, says David Jenkins in Metro. The quality of storytelling is second to none, adding to one of the few video games that has something genuinely profound to say about the human condition.

This is "a thoughtful and meaningful prologue" with a ton of other surprises to boot, says Colin Moriarty on IGN. Left Behind is chock-full of amazing, story-bending, essential moments and a must-play for fans of the original game.

Left Behind is a beautifully crafted addendum to The Last of Us, a game that already stood tall above many of its peers, says Stace Harman on Eurogamer. Its impeccable design takes Ellie and Riley on a trip that is not easily forgotten, underpinned by sparing use of Gustavo Santaolalla's beautiful score.

What they don't like

The original Last of Us was pretty much perfect in terms of what it wanted to achieve, says Simon Miller on Videogamer. This is an enjoyable and intriguing instalment but it "does nothing to build on or take away from that".

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