Ohio State’s marching band video game show goes viral

Oct 10, 2012

Band recreates scenes from arcade classics such as Tetris, Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon

A MARCHING band's creative halftime show has gone viral on YouTube, attracting more than six million hits in just a few days.
Ohio State University's marching band paid tribute to arcade classics with intricate moving formations during an American football game against Nebraska at the weekend.
While playing memorable theme songs and sound effects from popular video games, the 225 brass and percussion players recreated images of characters such as Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon on the pitch.
The nine-minute show included scenes from Halo as well as nostalgic games such as Space Invaders and Tetris, which they performed by shuffling together in sync to lodge the 'bricks' together.
The band, which calls itself TBDBITL ('The Best Damn Band in the Land'), also recreated an image of a giant running horse to represent Eponia, a noble steed in the Nintendo game the Legend of Zelda.
The grand finale came after Pac-Mac was caught by a ghost and the band members re-arranged to form the words 'GAME OVER'.
Several critics have credited the performance for Ohio's 63-38 win against Nebraska.

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