'Magical' Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds - reviews

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Nostalgic but novel, the new Zelda game revisits its past but makes it feel fresh and new

Military shooter game sequel Call of Duty: Ghosts - reviews

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The latest instalment of CoD may be 'gloriously stupid', but one of the most fun-to-play in years

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - reviews of pirate blockbuster

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Black Flag conjures an amazing world of Caribbean islands, treasure hunts and secrets

The Wolf Among Us

Telltale's noir fairy-tale game The Wolf Among Us is 'brilliant'

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Grown-up fairy-tale game from creators of The Walking Dead is funny, brutal and mysterious

Fifa 14: football game 'still in a league of its own'

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Latest Fifa video game is evolution not revolution but it adds polish to an already great experience

Hiroshu Yamauchi

Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85: game over for Nintendo tycoon

Briefing Thu 19 Sep, AT 12:57

Video game visionary led former playing-card firm from near-bankruptcy to world domination

Grand Theft Auto game is back with 'staggering' GTA5

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This satire on western society is technically brilliant and ridiculous fun - even if it cost £170m to build

Total War Rome II revisits the battlefields of ancient Europe

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Historical video game sequel balances absorbing large-scale strategy and exhilarating frontline tactics

Rayman Legends: stunning return of mystical game

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Latest instalment of this popular 2D platformer is insanely inventive, but do we need 'panty shots'?

Splinter Cell returns with 'mad, bad, dangerous' fun in Blacklist

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Tom Clancy's stealth action video game series is back with a glorious game of cat and mouse