Gone Home: one of best video game stories in some time

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First-person adventure about a family gone missing brings emotional dynamics rarely found in games

Adventure game Brothers is an enchanting adult fairy tale

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Emotionally powerful and visually sumptuous, this rare video game will warm and wrench your heart

Shadowrun Returns: enjoy the trip into cyberpunk universe

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New videogame version of classic 90s role-playing game a 'thoroughly enjoyable' adventure

Nintendo's adorable aliens return in Pikmin 3

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Guiding your tiny Pikmin and exploring gorgeous alien worlds makes for addictive gaming

Dynasty Warriors 8: the most satisfying, complete game yet

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Popular Chinese historical action game is back with a host of great new characters and weapons

New Deus Ex mobile app The Fall is 'hard to put down'

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New instalment of sci-fi stealth action game delivers rare console quality for mobile devices

Walking Dead returns with 'delightfully tense' 400 Days

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New instalment of hit zombie apocalypse adventure game is short, gut-wrenching and compelling

WWII strategy game Company of Heroes 2 heads to Russia

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Enjoyably cinematic sequel set on the Eastern Front is a milestone for gaming visuals

Motorbike racing game back on track with 'meaty' MotoGP 13

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The motorsport game is an engrossing challenge with some terrifying simulation

Survival game The Last of Us: post-apocalyptic triumph

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Stunning new PlayStation game recalls Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road', only it's interactive