Google Glass

Google Glass contact lenses? Tech firm patents lens camera

One-Minute Read Tue 15 Apr, AT 12:37

Google's new smart lens could place wearable computers onto the surface of the eye

Oh Glassholes, what have you done? Google is not pleased

Mon 24 Feb, AT 11:35 The Conversation

It seems pioneer Glassers are running into etiquette problems, writes sociologist Tim Dant

Google Glass

Google Glass: new app promises to spice up your sex life

One-Minute Read Tue 21 Jan, AT 15:06

Designer says Sex With Glass will enable users to 'see what their partner sees' when making love

Google contact

Google contact lens: is this the future for diabetes sufferers?

One-Minute Read Fri 17 Jan, AT 15:11

Prototype for smart contact lens could lead to a new way for diabetics to manage their disease

Google sci-fi plan: a throat 'tattoo' to control phones

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Nov, AT 13:56

Electronic tattoo is ultimate hands-free kit - and it knows when you're telling porkies

Cecelia Abadie wins her case

Google Glass driver not guilty of traffic offence

One-Minute Read Fri 17 Jan, AT 10:47

Case against Cecilia Abadie dropped as no evidence her device was operating

Amanda Rosenberg 'went to same school as Kate & Pippa'

One-Minute Read Fri 30 Aug, AT 15:34

Google employee 'romantically involved' with Sergey Brin was brought up in UK and went to Marlborough

Google releases video tutorial on how Glass will change lives

Video Wed 1 May, AT 12:42

A one-minute film explains the finer points of the Glass touchpad and the cards used to display data

Google Glass

First Google Glass units roll off the production line

One-Minute Read Tue 16 Apr, AT 15:43

Google begins shipping its high-tech glasses to software developers and reveals more specs

Does Google Glass signal 'the end of privacy as we know it?'

Talking Point Fri 8 Mar, AT 14:51

As the web-enabled glasses begin testing in public, experts fret over their impact on society