Google Glass

Google Glass
31 Jul, 2015

Google pitches new Glass edition for businesses, but a consumer version could be around the corner

17 Feb, 2015

New device could help restore sight to the blind and replace all current virtual reality technology

Google Glass
16 Jan, 2015

Officially it's another step in an 'amazing evolution', but analysts say Google Glass experiment is over

Google Glass
10 Jul, 2014

New attachment allows users to take photos and share them online just by thinking about it

Google Glass
01 Jul, 2014

As Google Glass finally comes to the UK, cinemas are not the only ones considering a ban

A woman wears Google Glass
24 Jun, 2014

No self-respecting geek should be seen without them, but Google Glass has yet to win over the sceptics

Google Glass
15 Apr, 2014

Google's new smart lens could place wearable computers onto the surface of the eye

24 Feb, 2014

It seems pioneer Glassers are running into etiquette problems, writes sociologist Tim Dant

Google Glass
21 Jan, 2014

Designer says Sex With Glass will enable users to 'see what their partner sees' when making love

Google contact
17 Jan, 2014

Prototype for smart contact lens could lead to a new way for diabetics to manage their disease