Google chief Schmidt denies fixing search results

Sep 22, 2011

Business digest: Chairman tells senators company has learnt lessons from Microsoft

ERIC SCHMIDT, the executive chairman of Google, has denied claims that the search giant abused its monopoly position as market leader and "fixed" search results to favour the company's own products and services.

Addressing a congressional hearing in Washington, Schmidt told senators: "May I simply say that I can assure you we're not cooking anything. Google does nothing to block access to any of the competitors and other sources of information."

A senate committee and a US Federal Trade Commission are both investigating whether Google has been "cooking" its search results, as is the European Commission. Schmidt accepted the search engine's monopoly position, but claimed it would never engage in anti-competitive practises.

"We get it. By that I mean, we get the lessons of our corporate predecessors," Schmidt said, in reference to the software giant Microsoft which faced massive fines after years of investigation into its monopolistic activities.

Read a full report at the BBC.

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