Invites for Google+ attract ‘insane demand’

Jul 1, 2011
Ben Riley-Smith

Search engine’s new social network appears to have attracted even Mark Zuckerberg

It's only been up and running for a few days, but Google's latest attempt to usurp Facebook's social networking dominance appears to have taken the online community by storm. Not only has there been an "insane demand" for Google+ invites, but the site has apparently already attracted Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg.
There had been serious doubts about whether Google+ could compete in the increasingly competitive social networking market after the failure of the search engine's previous attempts: Google Wave and Google Buzz. Yet when the company opened its new service to a small number of people earlier this week, giving each user a dozen invites to hand out, demand rocketed.
The result was Google had put a stop to new joiners. "We've shut down the invite mechanism for the night," said Google’s Vic Gundotra yesterday. "Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way."
Google+ is yet to be launched in its entirety, but already Mark Zuckerberg appears to have become a member. Under places lived the profile lists 'Palo Alto, California' – the location for Facebook's headquarters – while the introduction reads simply "I make things".

There has been no official word about whether the account does actually belong to Zuckerberg, however, with some in the media suspecting it is a fake.

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