Google’s Android claims victory over Apple at Christmas

Jan 2, 2013

Three-quarters of smartphones sold over festive period featured Android operating system

GOOGLE is claiming victory over Apple in the battle for smartphone customers over Christmas, according to the Daily Mail. The paper says that Google's Android operating system was installed on three-quarters of the smartphones and tablet devices sold in the gift-buying season.

Although Apple's iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini remained tremendously popular with consumers, Android is used by a slew of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC and LG. In addition Google powers Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets which was a hot seller.

The battle is also heating up in the market for downloadable 'apps'.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android App Store have about 700,000 available apps. But Apple operates a strict vetting regime to ensure that only apps which are of sufficiently high standard and offer high security make it in to its App Store. By contrast, Google does not review any Android apps before making them available through its marketplace. That gives app developers more freedom but, on the down side, it also increases the risks for users.

Google still falls well behind Apple it terms of cashing in on app downloads. Apple takes around 30 per cent of the revenue generated from the sale of apps and is said to make as much as £3.6 million a day from the 200 most popular downloads. The equivalent figure for Google, which has many more free downloads, is a much more modest £450,000 a day.

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Don't expect Google to take 30% off the top from knowledge seekers. Moreover, making a horse race out of a fundamental difference for the umpteenth time is boring.

This is like the housewiife celebrating that her shopkeeper is making more money because he is charging more from her than her neighbour. If anything it is the neighbour who should celebrate

this is a bit of a non-article if i'm honest - consider that the Android OS covers a considerably wider range of tablets and smartphones than iOS, it's obvious that they will always get the bigger share as they cover every consumer market possible, whereas apple focus solely on the premium

Nonsense, it's the exact opposite! Apple is the shopkeeper charging far more than her neighbour Google who is giving it away for free, hence the shopkeeper (Apple) will sooner or later have to close his shop.

Android which is based on the secure and stable business operating system Linux is becoming ubiquitous, and rightly so. Ultimately even iSheep will begin to understand that Apple is all about style and getting people to pay through the nose for it. In these days of austerity it's idiotic to buy Apple when even better devices are available for a much lower price running Android. In effect Google Android has become the new Microsoft Windows as a ubiquitous OS running on the new age of mobile devices as opposed to the old and dying desktops, and it's essentially free of direct purchase costs. It's a win-win situation for consumers but not the Apple shareholders who have seen their stock price plummet by 25% in the past few weeks as the new reality begins to take hold.

Google has far more free apps and is generally cheaper in terms of equivalent apps, for example, angry birds, free on android but paid on app store. Even hardware costs less. A brand new Nexus 4 with 16GB is half the price of the 16GB iPhone 5 and is still less than an iPhone 4S and in some places, a 2 year old iPhone 4. And the Nexus 4 has severely better specifications compared with the iPhone 5 which doesn't even support HD, unlike most other new android and Windows Phone 8 devices. Apple is the more expensive Marks and Spencer shop with vastly overpriced goods and Google is the ASDA, with the same quality and more variety, but more customers. Your argument is invalid and reversed in reality.