Google Glass: new app promises to spice up your sex life

Jan 21, 2014

Designer says Sex With Glass will enable users to 'see what their partner sees' when making love

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GOOGLE GLASS is already the ultimate fashion accessory for geeks, and now the internet-enabled eyewear could become a hit in the bedroom as well.

A new app called Sex With Glass is promising to steam up the spectacles of Glass wearers worldwide, as it allows wearers to see what their partner sees when they're making love.

Sherif Maktabi, the founder of the project, says when he began work on the erotic app he wanted to discover "how can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass". According to a report in the Business Insider his answer is through "shared live streaming, ephemeral video recording and voice controls for your connected home".

Maktabi, a design student at London's Central Saint Martins, has only spent one day with Google Glass at a hackathon held in November 2013, but he was so inspired he's spent his time since then developing Sex With Glass.

"Some people find what we do repulsive," admits Maktabi. "But a lot of other people - and I am basing this from the emails we are getting online - really desire to try this. People have fantasies, desires and needs. It's personal."

Maktabi says live streaming will make sex more steamy enabling wearers to "see what your partner can see... just say 'OK glass, it's time' and Glass will stream what you see to each other. And if you feel like stopping everything, just ask: 'OK glass, pull out'."

But will it catch on?

"What they do with that is up to them," says Maktabi. "Guilt, dogma and shame is something we still widely experience when it comes to sex and how we talk about it."

As well as enabling wearers to share each other's pleasure, the app can control bedroom lights and music if the user's home is wired up correctly. And if any further encouragement were needed the whole experience can be videoed - although the videos are deleted automatically after five hours.

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Yeah! Well done Google for solving another of the world's great problems and not playing the cheaptrick, publicity stunt like a media wh**e or Amazon