Computer hackers
04 Nov, 2014

The big tech companies must work with governments to stop terrorists, says head of UK spy agency

The camera of a street-view car
31 Oct, 2014

She argued that the image was a violation of her privacy and modesty and could put her in danger

A doctor
29 Oct, 2014

Google is developing a pill containing nanoparticles and a wristband to diagnose diseases in the body

Google Inbox
23 Oct, 2014

Reviewers praise Google Inbox for its 'clever ideas' but some find the new app simply 'overwhelming'

Miley Cyrus
21 Oct, 2014

Links to pirated tracks to be replaced with paid ads for legal music services such as Spotify or iTunes

Nexus 6
16 Oct, 2014

With its Nexus 6 phone, Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player set-top box, Google is taking on Apple TV and Amazon

29 Sep, 2014

Regulators say Google's privacy policy is too vague and raises 'deep concerns about data protection'

Ello Logo
26 Sep, 2014

Fast-growing new site Ello promises 'beauty, simplicity and transparency' – and no advertising

A local taxi driver protesting
03 Sep, 2014

The smartphone-based network says it will defy the court and keep trading despite threat of fines

02 Sep, 2014

Google is making drone deliveries, while Amazon is moving into advertising. What's going on?