Models pose a risqué 'selfie'
One-Minute Read
14 Jul, 2014

If you don't want your pictures and data recovered, destroy your old phone, says security expert

Google Glass
One-Minute Read
10 Jul, 2014

New attachment allows users to take photos and share them online just by thinking about it

Google Glass
News Hub
01 Jul, 2014

As Google Glass finally comes to the UK, cinemas are not the only ones considering a ban

01 Jul, 2014

Blurring the distinction between the real and virtual worlds: Google takes another step down the road

A Motorola Moto 360 watch seen during the Google I/O Developers Conference
In Depth
26 Jun, 2014

Cheering fans greeted Google's Android Wear smartwatch system, but many doubts remain

A woman wears Google Glass
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24 Jun, 2014

No self-respecting geek should be seen without them, but Google Glass has yet to win over the sceptics

Google unearths child abuse by monitoring Gmail accounts
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06 Jun, 2014

A year after Edward Snowden's revelations, can Reset the Net help to restore online privacy?

Google's Chinese logo
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03 Jun, 2014

Google has fallen foul of the Great Firewall of China in advance of Tiananmen commemoration

Google's self-driving car
One-Minute Read
28 May, 2014

New Google car has no steering wheel, no pedals and will drive completely autonomously

The Google search page
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14 May, 2014

Index on Censorship says right to be removed from Google is 'chilling' and an attack on free expression