30 Apr, 2013

'Essentially we've seen lower customer footfall across much of the estate', says chief executive

10 Jan, 2013

CEO Marc Bolland under pressure over poor figures and there's speculation about a hostile bid

17 Apr, 2012

The Week's guide to what's been kept and what's been ditched from the contentious 2012 Budget

30 Mar, 2012

Opinion digest: Pasty politics, government by the rich, home ownership and French sex scandals

28 Mar, 2012

Is the ridiculing of the ‘pasty tax’ fair? Or is it just a stale excuse to attack the Chancellor when he’s down?

Alex James
18 Jan, 2012

Musician who moved to the country to make cheese and host food festivals stuns fans

29 Mar, 2011

Business digest: Sandwich chain plans to open 30 more branches this year