A crowd gathers round a child suffering from Ebola in Liberia

Ebola: world 'failing to help' as Africa faces 'emergency'

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Aug, AT 12:55

Head of medical charity accuses West of looking after its own interests and warns that time is running out

Ash billows from Iceland's Eyjafjoell volcano in May 2010

Will Icelandic volcano leave holidaymakers stranded again?

Briefing Tue 19 Aug, AT 13:14

Iceland's met office raises the risk level of its Bardarbunga volcano, indicating 'escalating unrest'

Temple Baths in the Thames; image by Picture Plane

Thames Baths plan for wild swimming in central London

One-Minute Read Fri 15 Aug, AT 15:10

Designs for a swimming pool floating off the Victoria Embankment have Boris Johnson's backing

Fields Medal winner Maryam Mirzakhani

Profile: Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the Fields Medal

Briefing Wed 13 Aug, AT 12:21

Mirzakhani takes the top maths prize, banishing 'myths about women and mathematics'

A supermoon rises behind a Greek temple

Supermoon 2014: what is it and how can I see it?

Briefing Mon 11 Aug, AT 16:09

Everything you need to know ahead about the second supermoon of 2014

People watch for the Perseid meteor shower

Perseid meteors: what are they and where can I see them?

Briefing Mon 11 Aug, AT 09:54

The spectacular celestial light show will still be visible this week, despite the supermoon

Alcohol lines the shelves of an Off-License in Brixton

Put alcohol health warnings on bottles, say MPs

First Reaction Mon 11 Aug, AT 09:20

Explicit warnings and a lower drink-drive limit to tackle alcohol misuse: 'nannyish' or necessary?

Doctors look at films of breast cancer X-rays

Kadcyla: why breast cancer drug won't be on the NHS

Briefing Fri 8 Aug, AT 11:27

Another 'huge blow' to cancer patients, as campaigners call on drug companies to bring down costs

An artist's impression of the Rosetta spacecraft with Mars in the background

Rosetta: 'sexiest, most fantastic' space mission enters final phase

Briefing Wed 6 Aug, AT 11:47

Spacecraft has caught up with comet in a decade long chase in search for answers about life on earth

Generic aspirin lie inside a bottle

An aspirin a day can keep cancer away, claims new study

One-Minute Read Wed 6 Aug, AT 09:27

Scientists say hundreds of thousands of deaths could be prevented by a small daily dose of aspirin