Lady Gaga cancels gigs due to inflamed joint condition

Feb 13, 2013

Singer 'heartsick' after Synovitis leaves her 'unable to walk' and forces concerts to be postponed

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this story was published Lady Gaga has cancelled all her remaining US and Candadian dates to allow her to have surgery on her hip

LADY GAGA has cancelled four concerts on her Born This Way Ball world tour, because she is unable to walk due to severe joint inflammation.

The singer has pulled the plug on two shows scheduled to be held in Chicago this week as well as gigs in Detroit and Hamilton in Canada, because she is suffering from a condition called Synovitis.

She used Twitter to tell her 34 million followers about the cancellations, saying she was "heartsick" to let fans down, but the worsening of her condition had left her "immobile" after Monday’s concert in Montreal.

"I've been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for some time now, over the last month it has worsened," she wrote. "I've been praying it would heal."

The BBC says it is understood the singer will be well enough to perform again in Philadelphia on 19 February.

Lady Gaga’s announcement triggered an unprecedented interest in Synovitis on social media websites today. It is usually defined as an inflammation of the synovial membrane, the soft tissue that sits between the joint capsule and the joint cavity.

The medical website Healthscout says Synovitis is often associated with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and psoriatic arthritis. "It may also be associated with rheumatic fever, tuberculosis, trauma, or gout" and is usually treated with anti-inflammatory drugs ranging from "aspirin to ibuprofen to corticosteroids".

Healthscout says if the condition is not treated "for years", enzymes may "gradually digest the cartilage and bone of the joint leading to chronic pain and degenerative changes".

Lady Gaga's predicament got a sympathetic reaction from fans today with one tweeting: "She hid her pain and sickness from us and her team. She didn’t want to disappoint us. That's why she's my inspiration."

Another fan wrote: "Gaga has been working non-stop ever since her debut in 2008, touring all over the world for her fans. She really deserves to take a break."

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um... so the record company refused to let her release ARTPOP which she has been talking about for over a year now because it SUCKS... she is finally being called out for all of her hateful little monsters... her current tour isnt selling half as well as her handlers would like us to believe and she has been exposed as a nasty employer who doesnt want to pay her assistants - and now she is cancelling for an 'illness'? SERIOUSLY? If she has what they claim, it will not be cured in a few days. sounds like karma to me.