LSD and other psychedelics may be good for you, scientists say

Talking Point Thu 5 Sep, AT 11:03

Far from being a bad trip, 'mind-enhancing' drugs don't damage mental health and may even improve it

Brain-to-brain breakthrough in mind control experiment

One-Minute Read Wed 28 Aug, AT 13:48

Two minds with but a single thought as University of Washington researcher controls colleague’s hand movements

UK's top doctor Sally Davies admits: 'I ate hash cookies'

One-Minute Read Mon 19 Aug, AT 12:04

Davies makes cannabis confession as she insists addiction needs to be treated as a medical issue

Cats to help fight crime after pet DNA snares knife killer

One-Minute Read Thu 15 Aug, AT 14:03

New database of feline DNA could be a 'boon' for police and forensic investigators

Perseids meteor shower: How to see the spectacular display

Briefing Mon 12 Aug, AT 16:34

Stargazers are in for a treat as annual meteor shower said to be at its best tonight

Dawkins causes uproar with Muslims v Trinity College tweet

Talking Point Fri 9 Aug, AT 13:36

Atheist provokes outrage by pointing out that Cambridge college has more Nobel prizes than Islam

Nicklinson and Lamb snubbed: right-to-die appeal is lost

First Reaction Wed 31 Jul, AT 14:31

Road accident victim Paul Lamb 'gutted' by decision: 'I was hoping for a humane and dignified end'

Teeth made from urine stem cells? Prof remains unmoved

One-Minute Read Tue 30 Jul, AT 15:32

Chinese team hail 'teeth' grown by mice, but London scientist calls urine 'a poor starting point'

'Big-nose, horn-face' dinosaur discovered in Utah desert

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Jul, AT 15:46

Palaeontologists say they have found a previously unknown member of the triceratops family