H10N8: should we be worried about new bird flu strain?

Briefing Wed 5 Feb, AT 15:13

Chinese scientists warn of pandemic after elderly woman died and another infected with H10N8 strain of bird flu

Global cancer 'tidal wave': how can it be stopped?

Briefing Tue 4 Feb, AT 10:56

Number of cancer cases across the world to reach 24 million by 2035, but half could be prevented

Nick Clegg, Lib Dem Party Conference

Nick Clegg: 'I'm against ban on smoking in cars carrying kids'

One-Minute Read Thu 30 Jan, AT 12:47

Smoking in a car full of kids is 'stupid' says deputy PM, but a new law isn't the answer

Jam doughnut rock spotted on Mars leaves Nasa baffled

One-Minute Read Mon 20 Jan, AT 14:12

'We were absolutely startled,' admit scientists as Opportunity Rover captures image of new rock

Rosetta awoken: why is unique space mission so significant?

Briefing Mon 20 Jan, AT 11:53

Key milestone in mission to land on a comet and find out more about origin of the solar system

Google contact

Google contact lens: is this the future for diabetes sufferers?

One-Minute Read Fri 17 Jan, AT 15:11

Prototype for smart contact lens could lead to a new way for diabetics to manage their disease

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Charity of the week Fri 17 Jan, AT 08:41

The UK's only charity dedicated to supporting women with cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities


Gene therapy: why new technique gives hope to the blind

Briefing Thu 16 Jan, AT 15:20

Researchers partly reverse inherited and previously untreatable eye disease using gene therapy

Gay and childless couples are happiest, says new study

One-Minute Read Tue 14 Jan, AT 11:14

Parents struggle to appreciate each other and mums regard their kids as more important than partner

A&E locum spending soars by 60% amid 'recruitment crisis'

One-Minute Read Tue 14 Jan, AT 09:19

Intense work, anti-social hours and low pay putting junior doctors off accident and emergency units