Daily pill to ward off breast cancer – five key questions

Briefing Tue 25 Jun, AT 10:49

Drug plan hailed as 'major breakthrough', but what is pill and will it replace surgery?

Badger cull: Brian May says he was banned from Springwatch

Talking Point Fri 31 May, AT 14:51

Queen guitarist and badger campaigner says he wasn't allowed to mention cull on ITV or BBC

Deadly Mers virus a 'threat to entire world' as three more die

One-Minute Read Thu 30 May, AT 16:00

Global death toll rises to 30 as spread of Sars-like illness causes concern at WHO

Collision of galaxies creates a star factory – video

One-Minute Read Thu 23 May, AT 15:31

Scientists say watching huge collision 11 billion light years away is like finding the 'missing link'

Angelina Jolie proves 'life more important than cleavage'

First Reaction Tue 14 May, AT 13:15

Hollywood star's double mastectomy shatters 'Page 3 anachronism' that breasts essential to femininity

Angelina Jolie: '87% chance' of cancer led to double mastectomy

One-Minute Read Tue 14 May, AT 08:38

Hollywood actress took preventative action after learning she had 'faulty' gene, but kept on working

Deadly coronavirus can spread between humans, warns WHO

Briefing Mon 13 May, AT 14:58

Where does it come from, what are the symptoms, who is at risk and what can be done?

H7N9 bird flu outbreak could pose 'serious risk' says WHO

First Reaction Thu 2 May, AT 15:07

New strain of disease has already killed 24 people in China and is mutating rapidly

New York faces new menace as 'Fishzilla' invades Central Park

One-Minute Read Wed 1 May, AT 16:06

Anglers warned to be on their guard against air-breathing snakehead fish

Google releases video tutorial on how Glass will change lives

Video Wed 1 May, AT 12:42

A one-minute film explains the finer points of the Glass touchpad and the cards used to display data