3d printing

3D printing technology used to rebuild crash victim's face

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Mar, AT 10:36

Experts praise 'life changing' 3D technology that removes guesswork from reconstructive surgery

Children's mental health: do we care nearly enough?

Wed 12 Mar, AT 08:25 Annalisa Barbieri

As 25,000 children are hospitalised every year for self-harming, MPs are finally asking the big question

Great white shark

Why we should love Lydia the 'UK-bound' great white shark

Briefing Sun 9 Mar, AT 10:22

A great white shark is hanging around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Scientists are hoping she will cross to the European side...

New dinosaur unearthed: meet Europe's largest predator

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Mar, AT 13:00

Palaeontologists have uncovered the remains of a giant carnivorous predator that hunted other dinosaurs

Gene therapy success raises hopes of 'cure' for HIV

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Mar, AT 09:47

Doctors say engineering an HIV patient's own immune cells could eliminate the need for daily antiretroviral drugs

Is too much animal protein really 'as bad as smoking'?

Talking Point Wed 5 Mar, AT 11:27

Study links protein to cancer, but not everyone is convinced by latest headline-grabbing report

Ancient virus revived after 30,000 years trapped in ice

Briefing Tue 4 Mar, AT 09:38

Experts warn that global warming and mining could uncover dangerous viruses from the past


Nasa Kepler telescope discovers 715 new planets

One-Minute Read Thu 27 Feb, AT 12:35

Findings represent the 'largest windfall of planets' ever announced – and some may be habitable

Jeremy Hunt

Mid Staffs: Jeremy Hunt backs calls to scrap scandal-hit trust

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Feb, AT 13:45

Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust has been declared financially and clinically unsustainable

Mystery of pre-historic whale graveyard solved by toxic algae

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Feb, AT 10:35

Scores of whales ended up in a desert more than half a mile from the sea five millions years ago