Top doctor says 'normalisation' of obesity killing Brits

One-Minute Read Sun 8 Jun, AT 08:12

One in 10 deaths are now caused by excess weight, according to a Cambridge University study

Overweight women

Hungry men 'prefer to date bigger women'

One-Minute Read Fri 6 Jun, AT 13:55

The best way to a man's heart may be through his stomach after all, new research finds

A premature baby receives treatment

One baby dead and 14 critically ill after drip contamination

One-Minute Read Thu 5 Jun, AT 09:51

Newborn babies poisoned by contaminated batch of nutrition drips in six different NHS hospitals

Artist’s impression of Kepler-10c.

'Godzilla of earths': giant planet found by scientists

One-Minute Read Tue 3 Jun, AT 10:54

Discovery of planet 17 times heavier than Earth raises new hope of finding life elsewhere in the universe

Cyclists in London

Brain surgeon claims bike helmets are useless

One-Minute Read Sat 31 May, AT 07:33

Neurosurgeon says protective headgear is 'too flimsy' to offer much protection to wearers

New NHS chief calls for small hospitals and better local care

One-Minute Read Fri 30 May, AT 09:09

In 'marked reversal of current policy', Simon Stevens hopes to abandon NHS fixation with 'mass centralisation'

Longitude Prize 2014: a vote for the future of British science

Thu 22 May, AT 13:16 Holden Frith

Tonight's Horizon launches a new Longitude Prize to tackle the world's great problems


Mosquitoes: malaria species gathering in Britain's gardens

One-Minute Read Wed 21 May, AT 13:04

Increase in temperatures and water containers is attracting more mosquitoes to UK urban areas