Tommy Main

Punch 4 Punch: the internet craze blamed for father's death

Briefing Wed 2 Jul, AT 11:02

Londoner Tommy Main died after being hit in the chest by a friend as they played 'game' at a party

Antibiotics being prepared

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs threaten return to 'dark ages'

One-Minute Read Wed 2 Jul, AT 08:40

David Cameron describes rise in superbugs as one of the biggest health threats facing the world today

Nasa's LDSD flying saucer

Nasa tests 'flying saucer' spaceship for future Mars missions

One-Minute Read Mon 30 Jun, AT 13:03

UFO-shaped spacecraft could be critical for future manned mission to the red planet


Cameron warned NHS could collapse in five years

One-Minute Read Sun 29 Jun, AT 08:25

Leading Tories join calls for prime minister to increase health spending now

Coca Cola bottles

Sugar blamed for UK obesity epidemic: is it really that bad?

Briefing Fri 27 Jun, AT 13:35

Experts want to banish sugary drinks at meal times and cut recommended sugar intake in half

A member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) prepares insecticide for use

Insecticides 'are poisoning world food supplies'

Briefing Tue 24 Jun, AT 11:24

Scientists say common pesticides are damaging the soil, air and water

Time travel 'may be possible', says new research

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Jun, AT 13:42

Physicists banish the 'grandparent paradox' with successful time-travel simulation

A woman with hayfever blows her nose

Hayfever: why is it so bad and how can you make it stop?

Briefing Mon 23 Jun, AT 13:07

Warm and dry weather means large swathes of the UK have been hit with particularly high pollen count

Fish-eating spider

Fish-eating spiders conquer every continent

One-Minute Read Thu 19 Jun, AT 15:44

It's an arachnophobe's nightmare: the world has been colonised by fish-eating spiders

Staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

NHS: UK ranks first in global healthcare report

One-Minute Read Tue 17 Jun, AT 11:00

UK beats ten high-income countries for quality of healthcare, access to care and efficiency