Sex 'just for fun' by 2050, predicts inventor of the Pill

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Nov, AT 12:05

Soon sex and reproduction will be no longer be linked as couples have children through IVF


The 'super-obese' under-25s having gastric band surgery

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Nov, AT 10:06

Surgeons say cost of obesity crisis could bankrupt the NHS – but operations can save money

The MRSA bacteria strain in a petri dish

How 'breakthrough' drug Staphefekt could replace antibiotics

Briefing Thu 6 Nov, AT 10:51

Newly developed enzyme 'can kill superbugs' and will 'revolutionise' fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

NHS hospital

NHS wasting £2bn by handing out too many drugs and tests

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Nov, AT 08:39

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges calls on doctors and nurses to stop overprescribing medication

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad sparked crystal meth surge, claims professor

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Nov, AT 09:35

Popular show about teacher-turned-drug-dealer Walter White boosts appeal of meth, says expert


Crash dummies fatten up to reflect obese Americans

One-Minute Read Fri 31 Oct, AT 11:21

Research suggests that morbidly obese drivers are 56 per cent more likely to die in a car crash

Alcohol lines the shelves of an Off-License in Brixton

Alcohol 'should have calorie counts on labels'

One-Minute Read Fri 31 Oct, AT 09:39

80 per cent of people in the UK either don't know or underestimate how many calories there are in wine and beer

John Spinello

'Operation' inventor turns to crowdfunding for his surgery

One-Minute Read Thu 30 Oct, AT 14:13

Toy designer sold rights to Operation for just $500 – but game went on to make more than $40m

A jar of medical marijuana

The pros and cons of legalising drugs in the UK

Briefing Thu 30 Oct, AT 11:16

A tide of support for legalising drugs seems to be rising around the world. Could it work here too?

Drug use

No link between tough laws and drug use, says 'historic' study

One-Minute Read Thu 30 Oct, AT 09:14

Findings cause 'panic' in the Home Office as Liberal Democrats call for new approach to drug control