Doctors look at films of breast cancer X-rays

Kadcyla: why breast cancer drug won't be on the NHS

Briefing Fri 8 Aug, AT 11:27

Another 'huge blow' to cancer patients, as campaigners call on drug companies to bring down costs

An artist's impression of the Rosetta spacecraft with Mars in the background

Rosetta: 'sexiest, most fantastic' space mission enters final phase

Briefing Wed 6 Aug, AT 11:47

Spacecraft has caught up with comet in a decade long chase in search for answers about life on earth

Generic aspirin lie inside a bottle

An aspirin a day can keep cancer away, claims new study

One-Minute Read Wed 6 Aug, AT 09:27

Scientists say hundreds of thousands of deaths could be prevented by a small daily dose of aspirin

Scientists unveil the 'happiness equation'

One-Minute Read Tue 5 Aug, AT 15:06

Mobile game app helps researchers demonstrate that expectations affect happiness more than rewards

A variety of pills and drugs

Legal highs: what are the risks and why are they not banned?

Briefing Mon 4 Aug, AT 15:33

Government finalises plans to curb the availability of 'legal highs' after increase in UK deaths

Double Helix

How pioneering DNA project aims to transform cancer care

Briefing Fri 1 Aug, AT 13:00

Scientists say Britain's 100,000 Genomes Project has the potential to revolutionise medicine

Fruit and Veg

Five a day: do we really need so many fruit and vegetables?

Briefing Wed 30 Jul, AT 11:42

A new study says five a day is just right, but only three in ten Brits are eating enough fruit and vegetables

Newborn babies at hospital

Government accused of lies over three-parent babies

Summary Mon 28 Jul, AT 14:28

Critics claim that officials are 'playing PR games' with new definition of genetic modification

A tyrannosaurs rex skeleton

Dinosaurs were killed off by a piece of 'colossal bad luck'

One-Minute Read Mon 28 Jul, AT 12:44

Prehistoric giants would probably have survived giant asteroid strike if it had been at different time

A thunderbolt lights up the sky above Munich.

Lightning kills man on Venice Beach: what are the chances?

Briefing Mon 28 Jul, AT 12:21

More than a dozen injured by California storm, but lightning is more common than you might think