Alan Davies gets death threats from Liverpool fans for Hillsborough jibes

Apr 10, 2012

Comedian Alan Davies says Liverpool's tradition of not playing on 15 April 'gets on my tits'

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COMEDIAN Alan Davies has received death threats after mocking Liverpool FC's traditional refusal to play on 15 April, the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster when 96 people were killed at an FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest in 1989.

The Arsenal podcast, The Tuesday Club, introduced a discussion about the Reds by saying, "Let's laugh at Liverpool for a bit", before Davies gave a big sigh and offered his thoughts on the way the club marks the tragedy.

"It gets on my tits, that shit. What are you talking about you can't play on the 15th? Why can't they?" he asked.

Davies went on to do an impression of Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, according to the Daily Mail.

"Every interview Dalglish has given this season it looks like he wants to head butt the interviewer," said Davies. "His tight mouth, furious frowning, leaning forward, bitter Glaswegian ranting, 'Liverpool FC do not play on 15th. We never have played on April 15th,'" said Davies, excusing his poor attempt at a Scottish accent by explaining, "I can't do it because I hate him."

Davies says he has received death threats on Twitter following the podcast's release. He re-tweeted messages from ill-wishers, including one sent in the early hours of this morning that said: "Absolutely shocking comments from you all respect lost C*** just try going to Liverpool now you will f***ing die."

The comedian said he had made a donation to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, reportedly £1,000, and admitted he had taken "the wrong tone" during the podcast.

However, Davies tweeted that he would not apologise for "PR purposes" and defended the broadcast's content as being the result of "an unscripted podcast".

He said: "I agree there must be a full inquiry into Hillsborough but not playing on the 15th doesn't change anything."

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what a tit, picks on the dead... how low can you get.

Death Threats!

Why is it that papers have to sensationalise everything?

Who has he received death threats from exactly?  What he said (more over the way he said it) was disrespectful. He's entitled to his opinion, but to make a comment on a emotive subject without knowing anything about it is foolish.

He can make whatever comments he likes about Dalglish, thats banter, but to make a joke about 96 men, women and children who went to a football match but never came back is poor.

I wonder if that was his brother, son, uncle, father or nephew that died that day would he think it's so funny to make fun of them.

I wouldn't mind giving him a good kicking.

But he didn't make jokes about the people who died, or make fun of them. He question why Liverpool refuse to play on the anniversary. This is another example of the professional grief machine that is Liverpool (the city).

 Who do f*** is Alan Davies? obviously an absolute prikk who deserves a good hammering. Hang yer head scumbag.

Well said Alan

Typical smug middle class Arsenal supporting w**ker. Thinks he can slag off people from the North, and no one will notice because he's from Islington or somewhere and he works for the BBC. I hate Arsenal fans (I dont support Liverpool either). Who the hell is Matt as well? Hillsborough was a huge tragedy that deserves to be remembered, as does the Bradford Fire. These events arent the product of a 'grief machine' they were real tragedies, that devastated the lives of many (and Im not from liverpool either...) Wonder what the BBC/ Guardian/ Arsenal brigades attitude would be if something like that had happened at Highbury. I'd quite like it if either of these two pretentious London to**ers got their heads smacked in. Please someone do it....

Instead of indulging themselves by feeling perpetually victimized over Hillsborough, perhaps these Liverpudlians could better spend their time  contemplating their team's supporters' criminal behavior in 1985 at Heysel, which resulted in 39 fatalities and 600 injuries amongst the Juventus fans. 

Yeah. That's right MATT! Just like  the Dianafication of Britain eh? But I suppose that's okay because a) She was Monarchy b) From the south

Another example of someone that's never been here and just takes things at face value

Whoops spell checker malfunction...should Christie!

The reaction to Diana's death was ridiculous. It's a perfect example of exactly what I mean, except Liverpool seems to find something to have a Diana reaction to on a regular basis. e.g. Ken Bigley, Rhys Jones. All terrible events, and Hillsborough even more so, but Liverpool does go all out for the collective grief.

Its relevent, 91 people died at Hillsborough. They werent hooligans, just people going to a football match. They deserve to be remembered just as the victims of Heysel or Bradford, or anywhere else do, and not to have smart arses like you trying to make cheap comments about them. Id like to see you have the balls to say what you've just posted to the face of a mother who lost her son at Hillsborough. How about putting your real name up so everyone can see who you really are? No, cos youre a coward, who gets off making clever dick comments about things that are so serious you cant even comprehend.

Huh? So, if I'd been to Liverpool I'd suddenly understand why someone questioning why Liverpool don't play on that day means someone deserves death threats? Well, I've been to Liverpool many times, and that sweet Mersey air has managed to not affect my judgement in that way I'm afraid.

 But he didn't make comments about the 96 who died, did he? He was commenting on the fact that LFC refuse to play on April 15th, no matter how much it inconveniences other teams. Not sure why the FA let them get away with it when other clubs are happy to play on anniversaries ie Munich, Ibrox.

 No-one on here is making cheap comments about the victims, they are simply defending the right to question why LFC refuse play on April 15th. Playing on that date would in no way disrespect the victims - surely if they did play they could hold some kind of commemoration for the victims before the game. By the way 96 died not 91, at least get your facts straight!

Diana's death has nothing to do with it. The fact is you think you can sit behind a computer screen making smart arsed comments about 91 mostly young football fans who were crushed to death and a ten year old kid who was shot. Im from Leeds, but if the people of Liverpool want to remember these things like they do, let them. Its not for you to go around telling people  how to grieve or remember tragedies, and such comments just upset those who were closest to them. How dare you bring Rhys Jones into this and make out it was an 'overeaction'. Its a tragedy when any young person dies.  

Let's put the 9/11 victims families on a plane to remember their families on that date. U understand nob head !!

matt what are you on? we have fought for 23 years shouted loud so all could hear and did not lie down and swallow government crap like so many others have done before, we wont give in till the truth is told, not a grief machine mate a truth machine that has took on the authorities both police and media and never give in, if you dont understand the words togetherness and support you are weaker than us

i was at that match and at hillsborough there is no comparison, the italians started the fighting and the stadium was falling to bits plus the police ran away, it was a tragedy but the italians swallowed it there should of been allsorts of people held to blame mainly eufa but they swallowed it, we wont be fobbed off thats the difference mate

i live in hillsbourgh and i feel for the relatives of those who died but its a fact thousands of ticketless drunk liverpool fans left pubs at 2 55 and it was the surge of these fans that made the police open the gates this in part contributed to the disaster      also we in sheffield made and upkeep a memorial garden we open our doors and the ground on the annerversary so can i ask what does liverpool do for heysel

Better to be a 'smartarse' perhaps, than a self-deluding fool who fails to see the 'relevance' of these two events. Both were caused by the indiscipline of the Liverpool fans and doubtless fueled by alcohol. As a far smarter arse than myself (George Santayana) said: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Alan Davies is completely right on more than 1 level: 1. Not playing on the 15th will not change ANYTHING, and I ask. How many Liverpool fans will actually remember the disaster? I mean, a quarter probably weren't even born... Having a minute's silence is far better, as like that you force everyone to remember it. 2. Claiming that he insulted "king kenny", althought true, is pointless. Anyone who regurlarly listens to the podcast knows that he ALWAYS insults everyone, example: he calls the listeners of the podcast "freeloading vermin", so honestly, I don't see the issue. Accept it. 3. Dalglish does look like he wants to head but the interviewer

 If you bother to read my post properly you'll find that wasn't my only argument with you. I'll say it again, no-one is dispesecting the victims here. All football fans will never forget Hillsborough or any of the other tragedies. I'm a Birmingham City fan and we will never forget the 12 year old boy who died at St Andrews on the same day as the Bradford City fire - something which most people have forgotten about because of the timing. All i'm saying is that Liverpool fans do not help their case by pouring abuse onto anyone who questions anything to do with Hillsborough. I understand that there are still ongoing issues over policing and responsibility, but LFC fans should stop being so hostile towards fans of other clubs, it doesn't help their cause.

 typical liverpool blame everything and everyone else

maybe alan davies didn`t understant the tweet...all unfunny comedians die a death in`s just our humour

Ye you keep tellin yourself that.

He should try to make sure his brain is engaged before he opens his mouth.  What disgusting behaviour. 

maybe that muppet should say that at celtic park see if he makes it back to england

Nice one.

Grow up .. real tragedies are happening everyday in this world only they happen to "others". When genocide is at play how can you compare that to the trivial events of this country. Open your net curtains and see the bigger picture .......

Unfunny big haired ugly twat!

Shut up, why are you sticking up for a unfunny twat??

Someone with some sense!!

maybe he misread the twitter......all bad comedians die in`s our sense of humour

southern tossers, liverpool people know their neighbours ,and look after their own , thats what makes us unique. We always get a raw deal from the south . jealousy perhaps we stand up for our beliefs and are proud of that . Maybe if the rest of the country did the same we wouldnt be in this recession

Just like davies, a bit sad really arnt you matt. Niether of you have a clue Best just keeping your mouth shut, and show some respect

Just like davies

Davies and the other morons on here condoning his comments, should keep your mouth shut and show some respect.

Alan Davies I think you have no empathy and you are a very silly man.
1 ex-fan

distinctly average comedian mocks at remembrance date, shame on you

distinctly average comedian uses day of remembrance for pr stunt

 Utter tripe.

 Stick to the ironing luv.

 Well said Sylvia. Thank you for showing some class.

is that why you all went to Hillborough with no tickets and smashed the gates down? AND YES I WAS THERE!

he's a comedian, is he? seems to hang about not doing much, thought he got paid for just being part of the furniture. now this

Whatever his opinions are he should keep them to himself. He should realise this is going to offend a lot of people.

another sad comedienne that thinks you get laughs at other peoples expense he must think he needs the attention the media will give him must be trying to get back on the television and as for not playing on the 15th its the clubs way of showing respect for the people that diednothing more and nothing less 

"Liverpool has to find something to have a diana reaction about on a regular basis, e.g. Rhys Jones..." "The grief machine that is Liverpool". Those comments imply that you think the people of Liverpool were overreacting and making a meal out of things. Perhaps you should think about the way the things you are saying read to everyone else before you put them on the internet. Perhaps Alan Davies should have done as well, but he obviously thinks he can get away with making comments about something that he knows nothing about and has no business making because he works for the BBC. He should have known better. That said, death threats are an overreaction, but Im sure many people in Liverpool and beyond would have been furious by his completely insensitive, crass and ignorant comments on a topic that is still affecting people today. He gets paid alot of money and has a high profile. He should be careful about wading into issues he has no knowledge of.

Alan Davies is an Arsenal supporter- nothing can be more funnier than that! 7 years of trying to get a trophy!

which is because Liverpool cares about it's citizens and because the deaths of 96 people in a tragic accident caused purely by crowd control error should never be forgotten so nothing like it can ever happen again. And as for why not play on the 15th, you might aswell ask why a 1 min silence on the 11th Nov, there is no point accept rememberance and respect.

i am proud to be from liverpool and knew personally one of  the families of the innocent souls that went to watch a football match and never came home liverpool is not a grief machine its a city which never forgets its sons and daughters who supported one of the greatest teams in the world so untill you have visited this city and aired your comments in a packed city centre pub and got out unscaithed keep your negative comments about people you never knew to yourself 

Maybe if you had a proper heart you would consider the feelings not only of the families who lost loved ones but the feelings also of the whole City of Liverpool. Not only do they all still mourn the people who died on that terrible day and the after effects it had on many people who survived. Liverpool people (or Scousers as people like to call us) have big hearts and their doors are always open to help anybody, we are truly upset at the remarks made by Alan Davies, has he ever lost a relative or friend in a tragedy. Sure he would feel more remorse if he had. That tragic day affected all of us especially Kenny Dalgleish, who we are very proud of. Ask him what he and the Liverpool Team  went through after all the funerals they attended. In future Mr. Davies should think and find out all the facts before he speaks. 

Discusting he should be repremanded players are being thoughtful about lost comrades.

crap !!!!!!!

crap !!!!


Very few people have ever said that this was not a tragedy for the innocent football supporters who died and the families of those supporters.
Before the game the authorities asked people to turn up in plenty of time and not to turn up without tickets as there were no more tickets available.
The people who died did this.
The ones doing most of the comlaining since that time were the ones who turned up late, drunk and without tickets. These are the ones who caused this tragedy. Every so called supporter who stormed that gate must take a share of the responisbility for the deaths of the real Liverpool F.C. supporters on that day.
They are not interested in justice or an independant enquiry. All they want is for everyone to tell them that it was someone elses fault and that they were blameless. 

 You are not interested in the truth. You just want to blame someone who didn't turn up late, without a ticket and storm the locked gates after being asked not to.

 I would happily meet with the families of the supporters who were murdered at Hilsborough and express my sympathy. I would be just as happy to meet the drunken yobs who caused this tragedy and tell them to accept the fact that they murdered the real Liverpool fans!

 Because if you're not a Liverpool supporter you have no right to express an opinion!

Double standards Bobby? You can publish your opinion but he can't?

We could put it down to Ignorance but its coming to much now from these so called celebrity's just who do they think they are kidding ...They forget the pubic made them and they can just as quick break them..Hope this happens in this case...And Liverpool stand up and be counted you are a great City...

Okay, he made a mistake but let's not react with death threats etc, it just makes you worse than him.  He's apologised, let's move on..

paul you Idiot it was proved we didnt smash gates down it was the inept police. and yes we do grieve our own because we are a true city were we care about what happens to our own. The city lost 96 brothers sisters anunties uncles mums and dads, just because we care and are not a bunch of hard nosed care about ourselves twats from the south. JUSTICE FOR THE 96

One more thing I DONT agree with the death threats.

I think AD made a very valid point. As he said, no other club that has had a similar experience refuses to play on the anniversary of that date. Why should Liverpool be any different?

I've read what Alan Davies has said word for word and if you were anyone except a calm down calm down Scouse you would agree with every word he has said. No one, even Davies, has reflected on the issue with anything but sympathy. There must be a better way of remembering and paying respect to the poor dead and families on this date. We have all lost someone dear but life goes on. Again a sensitive subject is mishandled in that area of the country.  

I dont think it was all have you checked ????????????????????

Actually Diana wasn't from the South but from Northamptonshire, which happens to be in the Midlands.

Liverpool a great City!!!! Nah, well past its sell-by date.

how very sad no matter what part of this country you come from or what team you support we should all support those who have lost a loved one and mr davis should remember joe public put him on the map and his comments will take him off

how bloody stupid those liverpool fans are i bet they were to gutless to add there names with the death threats W-----S

Who is Alan Davies? Oh yes the clever little get who got loads of free publicity< I suppose it's stupid to ask if he is currently touring or planning to?  I assume the comments made were relating to his skills as a comedienne....he would not of course die in the literal sense just on stage with his silver spoon hanging out of his mouth get over it 

Liverpool the pity me capital of the world,strange how heysel is rarely mentioned on here?Or that we were banned from europe for years as a result ofthem

The undeniable part of the grief machine is that it is guilt rather than grief. A scouser shot that little boy. If thousand of scousers hadn't have forced their way into the ground and then kep[t pushing, their only want a selfish drive to get in, then those 96 genuine ticket holders would still be alive. Guilt or grief?


Your full of crap you ya f..kin tosser, sayin we were smashing the gates down how dare you, I was there when the police opened the gates ya lyin little toad, people like you deserve what comes to you. And how many fans every week follow their teams with no tickets, probably not you coz your probably a bumpkin! But especially to a fa cup semi final, do you no wat one ov them is?..... Full of s..t anyway you.

yes alan is a twit,but lets move on,we cant have any more upset pityme scouse ers can we

I think the whole dam thing wretched though it was should now be allowed to pass with dignity. Example Ibrox and Bradford

I am not a football fan of any team but if the Liverpool team want to show their respect in this way then it is very respectfull of them to do it. With regard to Alan Davies, we all know what we are going to say before it comes out our mouth so he should not have said it to try and get someone to  laugh with him. If I had a child lost in the tragedy I would be very angry at him too. It will be a very sad day for the people of liverpool  on that day and I am sure he will be the only person not thinking of them.

It is a day of rememberance, the club and fans would rather concentrate on that rather than a game of what would be insignificant football compared to the tragedy.  That is what people don't understand, the club aren't refusing to play to change anything, but purely to allow a proper day for the fans and families to pay their respects. That is why AD was wrong to make comment on an issue he has no connection or empathy with.

More PC nonsense -
Pandering to the ever growing colony of the "professionally
insulted". No-one’s making fun of those poor souls who died.

Alright, I can see this comment ending badly, but please understand I mean the upmost respect.

Are death threats really necessary? Sure, he might be out of line, but he's a COMEDIAN! Pick any programme around that has a single comedian on, and it will have some offense gimick in it!

Now, I come from Sunderland and happen to have the majority of my family living in France (i.e. they're French), and I've heard plenty of offensive things (as I'm sure most people have in their lives), up to and including having people refuse to talk to me because I'm "not British". Not only is it ignorant of the person, it's highly annoying! Be it a comedian, or someone to my face, I don't like it. But I would go as far as sending death threats. Yes, what happened that day is tragic. Many days in our history are. Whether it is the 96 people who died in the Hillsborough disaster, or the 183 children in the Victoria Hall disaster, or any other number of people who lost their lives across so many tragic events throughout our time! But you have to remember that sometimes it is only the people in that area who remember the disaster with such clarity that they feel the need to keep the day as a memorial.

Admittedly, it doesn't make what Davies said any better, but hopefully no one else chose to stoop to that level and threaten him with his own death.

my great great gran died on the 7th of december i think i will never work on that day again hold on a minute when did grandad die oh 24th of may theres another day off work best i  get that family tree out and have a look could be a few more days off for me lmao what im getting at is we all deal with tragedy and grief but dont all decide too have that day off we get on with it, life goes on we pay our respects in the appropriate manner, mr davis was spot on get a grip LFC millions died in two world wars if anyone deserve to be respected with a national day off is is them im not calling for that but if 2 minutes silence is good enough for them then a 1 minute silence at the game should be more than  good enough for the drama Queens of LFC 

Dunno but i find it totaly inacurate to describe mr Davies as a comedian.

Liverpool don't play on the 15th as a mark of respect to those who lost their lives that day.  If this is something which you don't agree with then fine, but please keep your opinions to yourself.  For all those who have written such awful things then I feel sorry for you and I only hope that you never have to go through what we have been through.  I was 7 years old and my brother was 9 when my Dad died at Hillsborough and not only do we have to deal with the grief as many other people do who lose loved ones, we are then confronted with comments that are made by people such as this so called comedian and we are just meant to accept it and move on, i'm sure he would feel differently about it if it happened to him.  I agree death threats are taking things way too far and I don't agree with this but he should man up and apologise.  We still fight and campaign for justice and hopefully one day soon the truth will come out.  YNWA 

The truth has come out, it's officially accepted that it was the police's fault, not the fans. So it's time not to forget, but to move on. Juventus moved on after Heysel, Rangers moved on after the Ibrox disaster, Bradford moved on after their fire, Man U moved on after Munich. Liverpudlians find it hard to move on, but we all have to. (Now wait for the torrent of abuse that proves my point!)

I'll tell you what I am sick of, I have read in so many of these comments the phrase "southern tossers", I am a life long Liverpool fan now 44yrs old, not a fair weather supporter a true through thick and thin fan, And " I LIVE IN THE SOUTH", Its about time that people stopped categorising people. I grieve every year for the Hillsborough dead, as do true Man united fans for their dead. These stupid comments made by a comedian yes a comedian in order to boost his career have today borne into the most disgraceful behaviour there is and just goes to show, that whether South or North or Asia, Africa, the America's all places that there are fans of British teams. Stupidity and ignorance out ways any location 

Would it not be better to play the beautiful game these people lost their lives trying to see and then have a minutes silence to remember them everytime liverpool play on the 15th April.

No gates were smashed down and no you were not there you knob.

Paul your comment is absolutely disgusting. Maybe you should look a little further into the effect the tragedy, had and still has, on families and on he city of Liverpool as a whole before you openly display your disrespect to the people who died on that day. Maybe you should walk in the shoes of a parent who lost a child that day before you label all in attendance as ticketless vandals. In fact maybe all who freely disrespect the people who will for the rest of their lives suffer the consequences of that day should take a little time to thank god it was not their child, parent, relation or friend

Disgusting comment ...... A little walk in the shoes of the families left behind would o you the world of good

What other club have had a similar experience of having 97 fans killed in such a cruel way

Matt, get a grip of yourself lad, professional grief machine! the thing is with Southerners like Alan Davies, don't know the whole truth about Hillsborough. Why does he need to pass comment anyway, he is only an old hat 'comedian' and lets face it, does he really make anyone laugh?

Why don't you all grow up?

a) This guy is a comedian
b) He didn't slate the people who died
c) He doesn't need to think of the grief of others, he is just stating an opinion
d) He doesn't deserve any death threats, nor does anyone else for that matter!
e) Stop all pretending to care about a subject and rant and rave. If you care, then care, if you don't then don't. Allow freedom of speech and stop having an opinion related to someone else opinion, have your own an shut up

Ill informed & totaly incorrect. I'm an EFC fan & my brother was at Hillsborough (& before you say anymore shite, he had a ticket) - the LFC fans DID NOT smash the gates down, the police 'controller' in charge of the fans SAFETY(!!!!) gave the fatal order to open the gates. This caused the rush into the courtyard & into the central pen. Yes some fans without tickets will have seen this as an opportunity to get in, but don't forget ALL of the fans travelling by coach to the ground were stopped outside the city & searched for alcohol by the police cordon & were therefore kept late & missed the kick-off. There were many factors that resulted in that disaster - MOST because of police stupidity!

What a shame you didn't add correct punctuation and our wonderful education system to the rest of your so called northern bigotry. By the way where does the north/south line begin and end?
This country is supposed to have free speech and as such we have the right to voice our comments or would you rather live in a muslim regime where your comments are responded to by death threats which are real..........................?

Remember what you have stated. Because it may come back to haunt you.

"You all went with no tickets and smashed the gates down"? Wow, what a crude and ill informed generalisation and amazingly there are another 49 similar morons out there who liked it. I feel sad for all your parents. 

He said: "I agree there must be a full inquiry into Hillsborough but not playing on the 15th doesn't change anything."

So no need for Rememberance day then? Or any other act of rembering those who we've lost in vain? Silly Southerner.

 I think you'll find that Lord Justice Taylor's Report states that this was a story invented by a tabloid rag. Much like your "I was there". If everyone who claimed to be there, was there, it would have been the biggest crown in the world. If you really had been there You would feel differently and not try to cheaap points score on the grief of the families of good people

 "Let's laugh at Liverpool for a bit"

Dead children face down in the mud.......f**king hillarious, you idots.

 Why do you think that Alan Davies tried to give £1,000 to the charity? That is because he listened again to what he had said and realised that it was stupid and insensitive. And that's the difference between Alan Davies and you. He has the sense to realise when he is talking bollocks, shuts up and apologises

 Nice comment. You must be proud that you did not need Microsoft spell check to get that one right. Any more prowse from the dangerously daft?

 You are a regular Poet Laureate! Your mummy would be so proud of you. You 've progressed to more exclamaition marks. You're going to get a gold star from teacher when she sees this one

 2 people liked this but IO can't find anyone who actually understand this post. mainly because you normally just post the word "crap" with various numbers of exclamaition marks. I suspect that mumyy helped you with this post

For Matt and the other walking dead:
LFC agreed with the FA and UEFA
that they would not have to play on the 15th, in respect of the 96
football fans who died. Both governing bodies agreed that LFC would
never have to play on that day. I believe the decision was made in 1989.

What you fail to understand is that this could have happened to your
club, to your supporters.
And for those that continually repeat the lies printed by that rag, try using google search or wiki for Lord Justice Taylor's Report and the forth coming document disclosure that hopefully will tell the truth.