Artists impression of an exoplanet, like Corot 9b

New Earth-like planet may be key in search for life

Thu 18 Mar, AT 16:10

Corot-9b, 1,500 light years away, is bound to become the ‘Rosetta stone’ in search for alien life

Akshay Kumar, Kylie Minogue, Lara Dutta - Bollywood

Call for white actresses to be banned from Bollywood

Thu 18 Mar, AT 16:08

Hate campaign launched against Kylie Minogue, Alice Patten and others ready to peel off for Mumbai cameras

Stowe school

Stowe soup: carrot, coriander and poison

Thu 18 Mar, AT 15:55

The pupils of an exclusive public school narrowly escaped poisoning at the hands of a porter

Baroness Ashton, EU Representative for Foreign Affairs

Baroness Ashton flies in to Gaza as EU sneers

Thu 18 Mar, AT 15:29

The EU 'foreign minister' is facing her biggest test yet – and many hope she will fail

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich wins ‘poker problem’ libel case

Thu 18 Mar, AT 14:28

La Repubblica forced to pay Russian over yacht claim, as Eady dismisses libel tourism as a myth


Leprechaun shot dead after St Patrick’s Day bank heist

Thu 18 Mar, AT 13:45

Irish folk tale disguise was not enough to save perpetrator of a shambolic Tennessee robbery

Lord Ashcroft

Ashcroft lawyers force BBC to shelve film

Thu 18 Mar, AT 12:13

Unlikely Panorama investigation into Tory peer’s tax affairs will be shown before election, if at all

Picasso's Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto (The Absinthe Drinker)

Chinese buyer sought for Picasso’s Absinthe Drinker

Thu 18 Mar, AT 11:14

Lloyd Webber sells blue period work four years after it was pulled because of Nazi links

Government climate change ads

Government climate change adverts banned

Thu 18 Mar, AT 10:19

ASA says nursery rhyme ads exaggerated likely effects of climate change

Michael Jackson

New Michael Jackson film to show singer’s last days

Thu 18 Mar, AT 10:11

‘Gone Too Soon’ director Ian Halperin predicted Jackson’s death at 50

Liverpool fans protest over owners Hicks and Gillett

Liverpool fans concerned over £110m investment

Thu 18 Mar, AT 10:11

Liverpool take on Lille as fans' fears grow over the motives of the Rhone Group of potential investors

Fernando Torres; Liverpool

Chelsea make Fernando Torres their main target

Thu 18 Mar, AT 09:34

Carlo Ancelotti keeps his job, for now, as Chelsea prepare to spend big this summer

John Terry

John Terry absolved by injured security man

Thu 18 Mar, AT 07:26

But Roman Abramovich is on the warpath after Chelsea players let him down