Lewis Hamilton

Lewis wins Singapore GP but Button true victor

News Mon 28 Sep, AT 07:11

The Brawn driver came in fifth but increased his world championship lead to 15 points with just three grands prix of the season to go

Will Brown quit for a global economy job?

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 22:51

The Mole: The rumour mill is buzzing that Gordon Brown is heading for a dignified exit, says our Westminster insider

Tony Ball

Exasperated ITV calls off talks with Tony Ball

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 18:26

Former BSkyB boss Tony Ball made too many demands during talks to fill the chief executive role at ITV

HIV virus

HIV vaccine: first step to a cure or a false dawn?

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 17:10

A partially successful HIV vaccine trial has raised hopes that one day the disease will be beaten. But what is the significance of this breakthrough?

Alarm at North Korea nuclear test

Fri 25 Sep, AT 16:23

Gordon Brown and Barack Obama among first to denounce the regime's new underground test

Scenes from the original and remade Fame films

‘Fame’ remake shows some films don’t live forever

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 15:26

With X-Factor and its imitators saturating the TV schedules, is there any point to Kevin Tancharoen’s remake of Fame?

Barbie and Blake Lively

Hollywood stars vie for Barbie film role

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 13:18

Toy-maker Mattel has finally okayed a Barbie film. Now Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Panettiere are all up to play the doll

Japanese rent-a-friends

The fear behind Japan's flourishing rent-a-friend business

Fri 25 Sep, AT 11:54 Coline Covington

More and more Japanese are employing fake friends and bosses in order to save face

Marouane Chamakh

Arsene Wenger denies Bordeaux accusations over Marouane Chamakh

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 11:49

Arsenal manager rebuts attacks by Bordeaux’s chairman that the Londoners unsettled the striker by publicly declaring an interest in him

Jose Reina; Liverpool

Rafa Benitez’s worries over Liverpool defensive frailties

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 10:49

Despite a five-match winning run, too many goals are being conceded from dead ball situations for the Spaniard’s liking

Major General Andrew Mackay

Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses mole was an angry soldier

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 10:15

And a senior general quits army over unhappiness at the Government’s attitude to the forces

‘Peer review’ breakthrough expected from G20

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 08:11

But without an enforcement mechanism, will today’s communique be meaningful?