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The Mole at Easter

Happy Easter to readers of The First Post

Thu 1 Apr, AT 17:59

The Mole and the rest of us will be back on Tuesday morning

David Tepper

Hedge fund pay soars - but 2010 could be tougher

Thu 1 Apr, AT 16:15

Top 25 fund managers made $25bn in total last year - a new record

Chinese soldier escapes own bad grenade throw

Thu 1 Apr, AT 16:03

A Chinese army recruit was lucky to escape unhurt after throwing a grenade at his feet


Rock star Sting calls for cannabis to be legalised

Thu 1 Apr, AT 15:30

Former Police frontman says war on drugs has failed and the money should go elsewhere

Business leaders back Tory tax plan - so what?

Thu 1 Apr, AT 14:51
The Mole

The Mole: It will take more than a letter to the Daily Telegraph to solve the Osborne problem

Children act nasty in a Scarface school play

Thu 1 Apr, AT 14:30

Al Pacino's ultra-violent gangster film acted out by kids in an 'elementary school play'

Noomi Rapace and Penelope Cruz

Will Noomi Rapace play ‘Girl’ in the US remake?

Thu 1 Apr, AT 13:35

Swedish star of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo could ‘do a Cruz’ and make the leap to Hollywood

Apple iPad

First Apple iPad reviews: thumbs up for the tablet

Thu 1 Apr, AT 13:22

The Apple iPad goes on sale on Saturday, and early reviewers are loving it - but then, they would...

Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas pays the ultimate price for a tilt at glory

Thu 1 Apr, AT 11:02

As United and England fret over Rooney an even worse fate befalls Arsenal’s Spanish captain

Fernando Torres Rafa Benitez

Liverpool and Fulham pick up the European baton

Thu 1 Apr, AT 10:17

After the Champions League fireworks, Fulham and Liverpool prepare for Europa League action

Jamie Jungers Tiger Woods

Tiger’s entourage ‘knew about his mistresses’

Thu 1 Apr, AT 09:54

Vanity Fair claims some of his advisors helped plan and then cover up his assignations

Rachida Dati

Dati stripped of limo and bodyguards by angry Sarko

Thu 1 Apr, AT 08:37

He blames ex-justice minister for starting rumour about his and Carla's affairs