Harriet Harman

Harman faces prosecution over ‘car phone crash’

News Fri 20 Nov, AT 10:49

MP charged with breaking mobile phone law her own government introduced

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Let the show trial begin: it’s as American as cherry pie

Fri 20 Nov, AT 07:19 Alexander Cockburn

Why the decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a New York City court is a winner

Europe elects Herman Van What? and Baroness Who?

Fri 20 Nov, AT 07:05 The Mole

The Mole: Why there’ll be no YouGov poll asking awkward questions about the high rep

Cesare Battisti

Lula to have final say on Battisti’s extradition

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 15:35

Freedom of Italian guerrilla-turned-crime novelist hangs in the balance

Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost

Ferrell and McGregor most overpaid Hollywood actors

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 14:43

Most overpaid list suggests women and young men are the best value actors

Caster Semenya

Semenya’s gender tests ‘will not be made public’

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 14:42

The controversial South African athlete is cleared of any wrongdoing and can keep her gold medal

michael moore

No Moore at Oscars - Academy snubs ‘Capitalism’

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 14:32

The year’s highest-grossing documentary in the US has failed to make the 2010 Academy Awards longlist

Mariah Carey

Health & safety says no to Mariah Carey’s 20 kittens

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 11:18

Mariah Carey will have to switch on Westfield’s Christmas lights without 20 kittens or 100 doves

Robin van Persie; Holland; Arsenal

Horse placenta massage is talk of the Premier League

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 11:11

Serbian therapist Mariana Kovacevic will soon be deluged with players from English clubs

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is a cheat and should be punished

Column Thu 19 Nov, AT 10:03

Neil Clark: It’s time for video back-up: it will add to the drama of the game

Hamid Karzai; Afghanistan

Karzai wants foreign troops out within five years

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 09:20

What they are saying about the Afghan president’s second-term inauguration