Japan wakaresaseya affairs

Tokyo: when a ‘splitter-upper’ goes too far

Fri 12 Feb, AT 07:25 Coline Covington

Hired by a husband to seduce his wife, Takeshi Kuwabara made the mistake of falling in love...

Angela Merkel

Sort it out yourselves, Germany tells Greece

News Fri 12 Feb, AT 07:17

Germany ‘cannot justify its taxpayers financing the lovely lives of the Greeks’

Brian O'Driscoll Ireland France rugby

Ireland seek revenge for Henry’s handball goal

News Fri 12 Feb, AT 07:06

Six Nations preview: Ireland go to Paris still hoping for back-to-back Grand Slams

Manuel Almunia

Manuel Almunia dives into Cesc Fabregas debate

News Fri 12 Feb, AT 06:50

Transfer Talk: The Spanish talk too much, says Arsenal captain’s compadre

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen dead: London shocked by suicide

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 16:43

East End taxi driver’s son became one of British fashion’s all-time greats

Greensboro Lunch counter Woolworth's

From Carter to Obama: the slow death of the left

Thu 11 Feb, AT 15:33 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn charts the demise of the American left since the heady days of Greensboro 1960

Keyboard lover Bill Gates mocks Apple iPad

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 15:15

Do Bill Gates’s comments on Apple’s iPad offer any clues about Microsoft’s Courier tablet?

Opposition supporters in Iran

YouTube shows opposition protest at huge Iran rally

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 13:03

As Iran celebrates its revolutionary anniversary, opposition supporters face a brutal crackdown

Deutsche mark euro

Now Germans regret ever championing the euro

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 12:51

Nostalgia for the Deutsche Mark as Greece’s debt problem forces bail-out

Barack Obama

Obama suddenly changes his tune on fat cat bankers

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 12:08

President tells Bloomberg he doesn’t begrudge bankers their bonuses after all

Gerry and Kate McCann

McCanns ‘investigated on British advice’

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 11:47

Lisbon court told how Kate and Gerry McCann became formal suspects after Madeleine's disappearance

Jose Mourinho

Chelsea are still my team, says Jose Mourinho

News Thu 11 Feb, AT 10:15

The Inter Milan boss says his old club are ‘a team without secrets’ ahead of Champions League clash