Minaret ban in Switzerland

10 things you need to know this Monday

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 15:52

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the post-weekend talking points

Maurice Clemmons, suspect in the deaths of four Washington state police officers

Police execution: Seattle cops search for Clemmons

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 15:47

Maurice Clemmons, prime suspect in the shooting of four police officers yesterday, is at large

Micah Richards; Manchester City

Man United to make shock bid for Micah Richards

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 13:57

Transfer Talk: Sir Alex Ferguson wants to make a crosstown swoop for Manchester City defender

Lewis Hamilton; Jenson Button; McLaren

McLaren: teaming Button with Hamilton will work

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 13:42

The Woking-based Formula 1 team has no fear in pairing the last two world champions together


Mandy’s a fruit & nut case but he can’t stop Hershey

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 12:20

US chocolate maker’s bid for Cadbury’s looks stronger after two US banks come in

Annunziata & Zac: a tale of two awkward candidates

Mon 30 Nov, AT 09:53 The Mole

The Mole: Two young Tories illustrate Cameron’s problem with the party image

Dirk Kuyt; Liverpool

Is luck starting to turn for Liverpool after derby win?

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 08:53

Rafa Benitez’s men were second best but took home all the points from Goodison Park


Porn meets pop: Cher has a lot to answer for

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 08:29

How did a basque and fishnets become the uniform of girlie pop? It all started in 1989...

Didier Drogba; Chelsea

Arsenal’s title pretensions shot down by Drogba

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 07:11

It’s back to the drawing board for Arsene Wenger’s young Gunners after a heavy defeat

Recycled grenade

How to kill and maim but keep it eco-friendly

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 06:31

Brendan O’Neill: ‘Green warfare’ reveals the warped priorities of the environmental movement

Palm Island

Can Dubai fall-out be contained? Most say Yes

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 05:48

But investors still shaken as knock-on effects threaten Airbus and Boeing

Artful and heartbreaking tale of Seraphine

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 16:35

Yolande Moreau, the star of this multi-award winning biopic, has been compared to Susan Boyle