Recycled grenade

How to kill and maim but keep it eco-friendly

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 06:31

Brendan O’Neill: ‘Green warfare’ reveals the warped priorities of the environmental movement

Palm Island

Can Dubai fall-out be contained? Most say Yes

News Mon 30 Nov, AT 05:48

But investors still shaken as knock-on effects threaten Airbus and Boeing

Artful and heartbreaking tale of Seraphine

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 16:35

Yolande Moreau, the star of this multi-award winning biopic, has been compared to Susan Boyle

Juan Vargas

Man United and Liverpool track defender Juan Vargas

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 13:28

Transfer Talk: Peruvian interests Europe’s finest; Nemanja Vidic says no move from Man Utd


Borders UK goes down the back of the sofa

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 12:46

Combination of wrongly-placed stores and internet threat puts paid to Borders’s UK dream

Danish police in action

Copenhagen activists risk arrest for future crimes

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 11:23

New Danish law permits pre-emptive arrest and detention for up to 40 days of protestors

Khmer Rouge

‘Release me’ - Duch begs war crimes tribunal

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 11:04

Request for clemency casts doubt over Khmer Rouge jailer’s sincerity

Tareq and Michaele Salahi

DC gatecrashers persuaded TV company to film them

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 10:06

Michaele Salahi spent seven hours at a Georgetown salon, pretending she had a ticket

Veronica Lario

Berlusconi’s wife seeks £38m-a-year divorce deal

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 10:06

Settlement will put others in the shade if angry Veronica Lario gets her way

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon: ‘no reason to stop his extradition’

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 10:06

Computer hacker’s family and lawyers shocked at decision of ‘cold-hearted’ Alan Johnson

Roman Polanski in Avoriaz in 1990

Roman Polanski’s escape route is a ski-lift to France

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 10:06

If Polanski wanted to jump bail and escape to the safety of France, this is how he might do it

Brooke Magnanti; Belle de Jour

Brooke Magnanti misses her alter-ego Belle de Jour

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 10:05

Bristol scientist feels nostalgic for aspects of her old job as a £300-an-hour call-girl