Jerome Taylor is bowled by James Anderson

Anderson and Bresnan deliver Test win to England

News Mon 18 May, AT 15:43

Brilliant bowling by James Anderson and Tim Bresnan destroyed the West Indies’ lower order

Eric Cantona and Ken Loach

Cantona’s football film fails to score with all critics

News Mon 18 May, AT 13:59

Ken Loach’s much-anticipated comedy, Looking for Eric, described as ‘erratic’ at Cannes premiere

Jack Jones

Maverick journalist, John Michell 1933-2009

News Mon 18 May, AT 13:53

The self-styled modern Merlin devoted his time to the curiosities of life, including crop circles, Atlantis and mystic lore


News Mon 18 May, AT 13:48

Daniel Craig leads a ragtag group of Belarussian Jewish refugees fighting their Nazi persecutors

Bride Wars

News Mon 18 May, AT 13:44

Frothy frolic starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as best friends who find their weddings are accidentally scheduled for the same day

Aung San Suu Kyi and John Yettaw

John Yettaw, the man who dropped Suu Kyi in it

News Mon 18 May, AT 13:27

Alongside the pro-democracy leader in court today is a Mormon who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from Vietnam

Jack Jones

British cutlery designer, David Mellor 1930-2009

News Mon 18 May, AT 13:22

Award-winning modernist designer also made church ornaments, street furniture, garden tools and chairs, was dubbed the ‘cutlery genius’

Jack Jones

Iconic feminist author, Marilyn French 1929-2009

News Mon 18 May, AT 13:07

Polemical titan of the women’s movement whose impact was comparable to that of Germaine Greer or Betty Friedan


News Mon 18 May, AT 12:59

A muddled addition to the canon of heist movies starring Demi Moore and Michael Caine


News Mon 18 May, AT 12:55

The play about how David Frost secured an interview with Richard Nixon comes to the big screen

Michael Martin

How Michael Martin aired dirty laundry on expenses

News Mon 18 May, AT 12:03

Back in the Eighties, the current Speaker would use parliament’s free postage system to send his underpants back home to his wife