New Majestic Singapore

Hotel of the week: The New Majestic, Singapore

News Tue 19 May, AT 17:27

Fantasy and irony have inspired a hotel that leads the way for Singapore's trendy set

Conservative immigration spokesman Damian Green, and civil servant Christopher Galley

Tory whistleblower gets short shrift

News Tue 19 May, AT 16:19

It doesn’t pay to pass secrets to the Tories, according to the former Home Office official Christopher Galley

Barack Obama

Obama: From anti-war law professor to warmonger in 100 days

Tue 19 May, AT 16:11 Alexander Cockburn

It didn't take long for President Barack Obama to swing behind targeted assassinations and bombing raids, says Alexander Cockburn

Shaved asparagus and goat’s cheese salad

News Tue 19 May, AT 15:31

A delicious and seasonal raw food recipe from Mark Hix

Marks & Spencer cuts dividend as profits slide

News Tue 19 May, AT 15:26

Retailer disappointments small investors with 7.5p cut in dividend, after full-year profits tumble by 40 per cent

Woody Allen

Woody Allen wins $5m legal pay-out

News Tue 19 May, AT 14:27

Out-of-court settlement sees film director avoid a month-long trial and potentially embarrassing encounter with clothing boss Dov Charney

Eric Cantona

Next stop for Cannes Festival star Eric Cantona: Butlins Minehead

News Tue 19 May, AT 13:22

The footballer-turned-filmstar will be at the Somerset resort in his role as manager of France’s beach soccer team, for July’s Euroleague

Speaker Michael Martin finally bows to increasing pressure and quits

News Tue 19 May, AT 12:47

The Mole: Who made him jump? It won’t have been the press, whom he despised, says our Westminster insider

Rapper Dolla

Rapper Dolla killed in Los Angeles

News Tue 19 May, AT 12:23

The 21-year-old up-and-coming artist who had worked with Akon was gunned down while in the city to record an album

BAA in legal challenge to break-up decision

News Tue 19 May, AT 11:27

Owner of UK airports says it is to appeal against the decision by the Competition Commission which requires it to sell three of its sites

Chief Whip Nick Brown seeks ‘show trials’ for fiddling Labour MPs

News Tue 19 May, AT 10:10

The Mole: Nick Brown wants to de-select three greedy MPs. But now we learn he has a greed problem himself, says our Westminster insider