News Mon 10 Aug, AT 17:35

A simple way to serve seasonal sweet, red peppers

Levi Johnston Kathy Griffin

Palin’s ex hits the red carpet with Kathy Griffin

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 17:16

Levi Johnston, father of Tripp, arrives at the Teen Choice awards with actress 30 years older than him

Book review: Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 16:33

Pynchon, known for his crazed epic fantasies, has surprised readers with a comparatively straightforward detective story - and it’s good

Peugeot’s 3008 hybrid

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 16:27

Peugeot’s new hybrid is a breath of fresh air

Book review: a history of great self-portraits

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 16:09

Laura Cumming’s precise, personable and perspicacious survey of the self-portrait says they convey one truth: how the artist wants to be seen

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan records a Christmas album

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 15:50

The veteran musician will be up against Pope Benedict XVI in the charts when he releases a selection of festive songs

Book review: Isaiah Berlin’s enlightening letters

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 14:04

Postwar 'superdon' Isaiah Berlin's correspondence ranges from gossip about Greta Garbo and the Queen to barbed literary insights

Pussycat Mandelson should beware of snakes

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 13:19

The Mole: Lord Mandelson gives a jolly interview but our Westminster insider offers a word of warning

Port Olimpic, Barcelona

Australian millionaires linked to Madeleine case

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 13:19

A boat owned by Australian property tycoons Rhonda Wylie and her daughter Melissa Karlson was in Barcelona when Madeleine went missing

Eta’s endless war

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 12:27

Bombings last week in Mallorca and northern Spain show that the Basque terrorists are still killing, 50 years on

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson family deny Mark Lester paternity claims

News Mon 10 Aug, AT 12:15

The British actor who starred in ‘Oliver!’ claims that Jackson asked him to become a sperm donor in March 1996