Madonna; Jesus Luz

Madonna ‘to wed’ toyboy Luz in Kaballah ceremony

News Fri 15 May, AT 09:05

But have the Brazilian male model and his father understood the pop star's plans correctly?

Carlos Tevez of Manchester United

Carlos Tevez turns down £40m bid from Real Madrid

News Fri 15 May, AT 08:56

Rejection of the bid from the Spanish club shows how committed the Argentinean is to playing in the Premier League, says key adviser

Ravi Bopara

Cook and Bopara put sorry West Indies to the sword

News Fri 15 May, AT 07:55

England number three makes his third consecutive century as the hosts dominate in Durham

Arsenal; Manchester United

Arsenal looking to delay Manchester Utd’s title party

News Fri 15 May, AT 07:50

Arsene Wenger’s team would have to achieve a rare victory at Old Trafford to delay the inevitable

Ferrari team members

Ferrari leads Formula 1 walk-out threat

News Thu 14 May, AT 19:09

Ferrari, Toyota, Red Bull and Renault have threatened to leave F1 if a new budget cap is introduced

How Star Trek became a global enterprise

News Thu 14 May, AT 18:24

With the 11th Star Trek movie opening this week to excited reviews, it seems the 42-year-old space adventure has not yet run out of steam.

A painting thought to be Michelangelo's first work

Gallery buys Michelangelo’s ‘first painting’

News Thu 14 May, AT 17:26

The Kimbell Art Museum in Texas has bought The Torment of Saint Anthony, believed to be painted by the young master when he was just 12 or 13

Steve Jobs's house

Steve Jobs can demolish ‘architectural gem’

News Thu 14 May, AT 17:17

But Silicon Valley neighbours won’t give up fight to save the 1926 Spanish colonial revival mansion

Book review: The Frock-Coated Communist

News Thu 14 May, AT 16:09

Non-fiction: Tristam Hunt’s stimulating and very readable biography of Friedrich Engels paints a picture of a likeable genius

Book review: The Children’s Book

News Thu 14 May, AT 15:59

Fiction: AS Byatt’s vivid tale of four turn-of-the-century families is epic and magnificent

KKL GoCycle motorised bicycle

News Thu 14 May, AT 15:51

A finger-friendly computer screen adds an extra special touch to this all-in-one PC, but it’s a shame Windows 7 is lacking

Labour suspends MP as public demand action

News Thu 14 May, AT 15:50

The Mole: By-elections might be the only way to clean up this rotten Parliament, says our Westminster insider

Book review: In the Kitchen

News Thu 14 May, AT 14:55

Fiction: Brick Lane author Monica Ali returns to East London with an ambitious but ultimately flawed novel