The Time Traveler’s Wife

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:57

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger

Mid-August Lunch

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:20

A hilarious yet touching comedy, from the screenwriter behind Gomorrah

Sin Nombre

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:16

A brutal yet brilliant drama about Central American migrants

A Perfect Getaway

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:11

A nerve-wracking and nuanced thriller, despite the plot-holes

Llandovery's most famous residents

Royal Llandovery

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:03

Find out what Prince Charles sees in the small Welsh town where he recently bought a farmhouse

Two Lovers

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 12:01

A stunning and stylish tale of a man torn between his love for two women

17 Again

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 11:59

A middle-aged loser gets to relive his high school days in this throwback comedy

Prudential first half beats forecasts

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 10:15

The UK’s largest insurer raises its dividend after seeing a smaller than expected drop in profits

Why Alan Duncan got a bollocking

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 10:02

The Mole: David Cameron has electoral advantage from the expenses scandal and has no wish to lose it, says our Westminster insider

Michael Owen

Ramprakash ready for the last waltz

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 09:44

The ‘greatest batting enigma of his age’ is being tipped for a final shot on the international stage

Lockerbie bomber

Lockerbie bomber release: for and against

News Thu 13 Aug, AT 09:25

Speculation that the Libyan convicted of killing 270 people might be released has raised the issue: was al-Megrahi ever guilty at all?