Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard: punching man in bar was a mistake

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 18:05

The Liverpool football player has insisted he did not lose control in a bar-room brawl in Merseyside


What they’re saying about: Antichrist

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 17:49

Art or exploitation? Writers, artists and academics are divided about Lars von Trier’s controversial new film, which opens in Britain today

Barack Obama

Obama wades into Gates race row

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 17:05

President Obama has said police acted stupidly in arresting Henry Louis Gates Jr while trying to break into his own home

Michael Jackson memorial service

Michael Jackson’s ‘4th son’ attended memorial

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 14:48

Norwegian rapper Omer Bhatti was apparently conceived when Jackson had a one-night stand after a concert in 1984

Eggs used to make swine flu vaccine

Swine flu vaccine: Out-dated methods ‘cause delay’

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 14:35

EXCLUSIVE: Australian scientist claims old-fashioned techniques used by big pharmaceutical companies are slowing down the making of a vaccine

Anthony Blunt

Blunt memoir reveals regret at spying

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 14:21

Former Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures said getting involved with the Cambridge espionage group was the ‘biggest mistake of my life’

Michael Jackson

Rupert Everett: ‘freakish’ Jackson ‘better off dead’

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 13:55

The British actor has broken a Hollywood taboo by criticising the late singer

Just Another Love Story

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 13:23

Danish film noir about a man who pretends to be the ex-boyfriend of an amnesiac heiress


News Thu 23 Jul, AT 13:13

True story of Sandra Laing, a black girl born to white parents in apartheid-era South Africa

The Proposal

News Thu 23 Jul, AT 13:07

Hollywood romcom in which Sandra Bullock forces her long-suffering assistant Ryan Reynolds to marry her, in order to avoid being deported



News Thu 23 Jul, AT 12:58

Danish director Lars von Trier’s controversial, explicit horror film starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg