DNA testing

Police to keep DNA of the innocent for up to 12 years

News Thu 7 May, AT 14:37

New government proposals stick ‘two fingers’ up at European Court ruling that England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s DNA database was unlawful

Little Ashes

News Thu 7 May, AT 14:06

Beautifully filmed, partially accurate biopic of Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

News Thu 7 May, AT 13:57

Documentary that follows the children from across Europe competing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Spring chicken with wild garlic leaves

News Thu 7 May, AT 13:46

An aromatic taste of garlic wafts through this roast chicken stuffed with ransomes


News Thu 7 May, AT 13:45

A dark animated adventure that warns of the danger of dreams fulfilled

Momma’s Man

News Thu 7 May, AT 13:10

A young father revisits his childhood by moving back into his parents' home

Exclusive: Plotters want secret ballot to remove PM

News Thu 7 May, AT 12:37

The Mole: A group of Labour MPs are calling for a vote for confidence in Brown’s leadership, says our Westminster insider

Jacqui Smith will pay for expenses gaffe in reshuffle

News Thu 7 May, AT 12:34

The Mole: Promotion for Yvette Cooper will show that women can still succeed in Brown’s Cabinet, says our Westminster insider

Bernard madoff

Bernie Madoff was a sexist egomaniac, says secretary

News Thu 7 May, AT 10:32

He went for massages in the middle of the day and returned in a better mood, says Eleanor Squillari

Barclays Bank

Barclays bank celebrates sharp rise in profits

News Thu 7 May, AT 10:30

The high street giant reassures the market by announcing a 15 per cent jump in profits in the first quarter of 2009

Mccann suspect

New image of Madeleine McCann suspect released

News Thu 7 May, AT 09:41

Two years after her disappearance, British detectives revisiting the case link witness testimony of a prowler and issue image

Rupert Murdoch

News Corp to charge for newspaper websites

News Thu 7 May, AT 09:19

Readers of the media group’s titles on the internet will be forced to pay for the service within the year, Rupert Murdoch indicates