Anger at EU light bulb ban

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 11:09

The traditional light bulb is being phased out in favour of low-energy alternatives – and that is making many consumers incandescent with rage

Gordon Brown wades into bonus controversy

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 10:07

The Prime Minister says City bonuses should be subject to “clawback” if deals go wrong

Lockerbie bombing

Cameron twists the knife as ‘special relationship’ comes under pressure

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 10:05

The Mole: The Lockerbie debacle has enabled the Tory leader to hit Brown where it hurts, writes our Westminster insider

Marouane Chamakh

Arsenal & West Ham fight over Chamakh; Man City want Bentley

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 09:56

Transfer Talk: The Moroccan striker has a choice of London clubs, while Mark Hughes offers the England winger a lifeline out of White Hart Lane

Disney to buy rival Marvel

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 09:16

The cartoon and theme park group is set to pay $4bn for Marvel Entertainment, owner of Spider-man and the X-Men

Phillip Garrido; Jaycee Dugard

Welcome to the boonies

Tue 1 Sep, AT 08:48 Charles Laurence

The discovery of Jaycee Lee Dugard and her abductor lifts the lid on the ‘other’ America – off the grid, down in the boondocks, where neighbours turn a blind eye

Juno; Ellen Page

Top 10 romcoms of all time

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 08:31

The First Post’s nominations for Top 10 romantic comedies - until ‘(500) Days’ came along...

(500) Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes of age in romcom hit

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 08:02

Twenty years after ‘When Harry Met Sally’, the new romantic comedy ‘(500) Days of Summer’ is winning plaudits all round

Naomi Klein in the West Bank

Winterbottom doc a nasty shock for Naomi Klein

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 07:50

From No Logo to no credit: why Klein took her name off tonight's 'Shock Doctrine' documentary

Peter Fincham

Peter Fincham: looking good for C4

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 07:38

The TV exec who took the fall for the scandal over ‘A Year With the Queen’ could be the next boss of Channel 4

Lockerbie bombing

Deal or no deal? Politics behind the Lockerbie affair

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 01:00

THE FIRST POST BRIEFING: The UK and Scottish governments have released documents relating to the release of bomber Megrahi. So do they shed light on why he was freed?