Is Anybody There?

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 18:06

Michael Caine stars in this boy-meets-pensioner tale that addresses the indignity of ageing

Another G20 policeman in trouble as May Day looms

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 17:46

Human rights watchers on high alert as police prepare for protests in London and Brighton

XFR: Jaguar’s fastest 4-door saloon

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 17:39

The flagship car is super-charged and super-fast

EU can save us from Chancellor’s wine tax

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 16:47

Once again the Chancellor has failed to bring us into line with the rest of Europe over alcohol duty

Pacquiao v Hatton

Pacquiao’s journey from shanty town to Las Vegas

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 16:25

Boxer Ricky Hatton likes to paint himself as the underdog, but his Filipino opponent has an incredible rags-to-riches back story

Burma junta hides cyclone suffering with model village

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 16:05

One year after Cyclone Nargis, the Burmese junta is hiding the continued suffering by turning one rebuilt village into a TV set

Kamran Khan IPL

‘Slumdog’ Kamran Khan is the new star of the IPL

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 15:33

An 18-year-old bowler plucked from the slums of Mumbai has become the darling of cricket’s richest comeptition, the Indian Premier League


Father moves to block Madonna Mercy adoption

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 14:52

James Kambewa attacks star’s morals and applies for custody of his three-year-old daughter to save her from ‘scandal’ of joining the singer’s family

Cream of sorrel soup

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 14:30

Sorrel soup may look dirty grey-green but its taste is bright and vibrant

Queensland politician Hajnal Ban

Politician had legs broken ‘to be more credible’

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 14:13

Australian local councillor Hajnal Ban admits to having surgery to make herself taller

Precautions to take to avoid swine flu infection

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:55

With swine flu on the brink of being declared a pandemic, here are some tips as to how you can maximise your chances of avoiding infection


News Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:22

Erick Zonca directs Tilda Swinton in a film pitched somewhere between Hollywood and art-house


This week’s dream: rugged Indian Ocean paradise

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:19

Rodrigues, the little sister of Mauritius, marks the boundary between Africa and Asia and has the culture, and beaches, to match