Cameron plans to stick the Gurkha knife into Brown

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:02

The Mole: The Commons defeat on the Gurkha issue has Labour MPs fearing the worst, says our Westminster insider

Gordon Brown makes expenses vote personal

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:02

The Mole: Today's vote on allowances is looking more like a vote of confidence in the PM, says our Westminster insider

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Canada’s Jurassic park

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:45

See complete skeletons in the fossil beds of the Dinosaur Provincial Park

The Great Escape

Great Escape veteran Alex Lees dies at 97

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:43

Camp gardener helped conceal earth from the three tunnels by spreading it over vegetable patch

Dean Spanley

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:33

This little gem of a movie is a strange costume drama about reincarnation


Discover Megalithic Malta

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:30

Malta is home to some of the world’s most ancient architectural masterpieces

Lemon Tree

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:16

Middle East conflict fought out in a lemon grove in this beautiful story by an Israeli director and Palestinian co-writer


News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:05

Nicole Kidman stars in Baz Luhrmann's poly-genred epic about the young continent

Quito, Ecuador

This week’s dream: Ecuador’s pretty capital

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 11:18

Quito’s seedy side has given way to a revived old town full of cool clubs, cafes and galleries

Barack Obama 100 days

Obama and Churchill friends again after 100 days

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 10:12

Winston Churchill was right to denounce torture, says President as he completes his first 100 days

Automaker Chrysler speeds towards bankruptcy

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 09:55

Last-minute negotiations to save the US car giant from bankruptcy appear to have failed, reports from America suggest

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Global markets soar on economic green shoots

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 09:34

Investors flocked to buy stocks worldwide yesterday after signs that American consumers are starting to spend again

Passengers wearing face masks as a precaution against swine flu walk inside a metro station in Mexico City

Swine fever: WHO fears a pandemic is ‘imminent’

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 08:59

World Health Organisation alert level is raised to five after baby’s death in Texas and a crucial confirmation from Spain