Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes (right) makes a save to block the shot from Chelsea's Didier Drogba

Chelsea overjoyed at draw in Barcelona’s citadel

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 23:23

The home side’s much-hyped attack of Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o were blunted by a well-drilled Chelsea rearguard fight

Jurgen Klinsmann

Is Klinsmann dreaming of California – or Man City?

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 19:23

After Bayern Munich drops Jurgen Klinsmann as manager, Manchester City is the obvious destination for the once great German striker

Edgar Hernandez

La Gloria: is this ‘ground zero’ for swine fever?

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 18:27

A village in Mexico has been identified as the possible source of the swine fever that has killed 150 Mexicans and has the WHO on high alert

Avigdor Lieberman: Israel’s new hard man

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 17:11

The ultra-right-wing tough-talking ex-bouncer could force his way into Israel’s government

Hollywood’s talent agencies merge to form super agency

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 17:11

The merger between Endeavor and William Morris gives new venture more cash and clout

Brooke Astor's son Anthony Marshall

Brooke Astor’s son ‘stole’ her fortune, court hears

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 15:00

Private details of one of New York’s most famous families exposed as late socialite’s son Anthony Marshall goes on trial for fraud and larceny

Tom Daley dives as the insults fly

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:34

The British Olympic diver reveals the bullying he has suffered at the hands of fellow school pupils

Portrait of Michael Vaughan as an artist

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:20

The former England cricket captain bowls paint-soaked balls at a canvas in his spare time

Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power

Another dubious ‘scoop’ for British journalism

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:14

After the Mail’s prize for listening to the radio, a Scottish newspaper reporter is feted for ignoring an ‘off the record’ request

Lord George, Bank of England Governor

Bank of England Governor, Lord George 1930-2009

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:06

The first independent Governor of the BoE was able to boast of presiding over ‘40 successive quarters of positive growth’

Charlie Kaufman justifies Synecdoche, New York

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:04

Like life, Kaufman's latest film has had a mixed reception

Whoopi Goldberg moves on from acting

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 13:42

After giving up her varied acting career, Goldberg is enjoying her new role as a TV talk show host

Sir Clement Freud, 1925-2009

Radio show panelist & MP Clement Freud, 1924-2009

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 13:22

A great all-rounder and acerbic wit whose talents were all-too-often overshadowed by those of his more famous relatives

Best Books... Rory Stewart

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 13:20

Rory Stewart, author and former Deputy Governor in Southern Iraq, chooses his favourite travel books