Zambia's ex-Presdient Frederick Chiluba and his wife Regina

Zambia’s ex-President Chiluba acquitted

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 17:57

Zambia’s ex-President Frederick Chiluba has been acquitted of six counts of theft and corruption

Case of the missing detectives - no-one wants to work for CID

The case of the missing police detectives

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 17:53

It's no surprise nobody wants to work for CID when government targets have reduced policing to box ticking

Frank Sinatra

Scorsese and Sinatra family clash over Frank biopic

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 17:46

The Oscar-winning director's plan to focus on singer's mob links in film has upset daughter Tina

Heath Ledger Joker

Ledger’s Joker attacked for mental illness stereotype

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 16:26

Charity report criticises The Dark Knight and other Hollywood films for their portrayals of schizophrenics and the mentally ill

Legalise drugs cocaine

More smack, vicar?

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 16:19

The 'War on Drugs' is a dismal failure, so why won’t our politicians look at the alternative, legalising recreational drug use?

Annie Leibovitz

Goldman Sachs holds the key to Leibovitz’s finances

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 14:18

The celebrated Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone photographer is hoping the investment bank will give her time to sort our her financial affairs

The missing freighter Arctic Sea

Arctic Sea: eight arrested after ship discovered

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 13:33

The cargo vessel was tracked down boarded by the Russian navy near the Cape Verde islands in the North Atlantic. All 15 crew are said to be safe

Prince Charles RIBA

Prince Charles accused of ‘bullying’ National Trust

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 13:25

Heir to the throne wanted the organisation to change the design for its HQ after becoming its patron after the death of the Queen Mother

Bolivian UN riot police struggle to control the crowd during food distribution in Haiti in 2008

Land-grabbing: the new colonialism?

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 13:08

The rise of ‘land-grabbing’ by developed nations breeds resentment in poor countries - and may create global instability, says Harry Underwood

John Cleese

Ex Python John Cleese must pay ex-wife £12m

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 12:55

The former Monty Python star will end up with less money than his third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger after the divorce settlement

Reader’s Digest to file for bankruptcy

News Tue 18 Aug, AT 10:39

The American publisher of Reader’s Digest magazines has been forced into administration by growing debts