Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 18:30

After decades of fighting and 70,000 deaths, the separatist rebels in Sri Lanka’s civil war seem to be on the brink of defeat

Nikon and Canon bring video to SLR

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 17:17

Two digital SLRs that include HD video recording in the bargain

Barack Obama

Obama’s chance to lift the lid on the Bush years

Fri 24 Apr, AT 17:11 Alexander Cockburn

A new round of Congressional hearings could expose what has really happened on Wall Street and in Iraq. But does Obama have the courage?

Boris Johnson

Mayor to prime minister? Boris’s ambition revealed

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 17:07

A year after being elected London mayor, Boris Johnson has revealed his readiness to lead the country

Dacre attacks libel lawyers but admits Maddy errors

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 15:10

Mail editor slams ‘greedy’ law firms, but admits press made mistakes over the McCann case, as Gerry and Kate prepare for Oprah appearance

Budget mystery: what are the Cameron team up to?

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 12:59

The Mole: Will Dave do a Maggie, and reveal radical new policies only after the election, asks our Westminster insider?

US gay ‘cure’ psychologist Nicolosi to speak in London

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 12:33

Dr Joseph Nicolosi is to speak at a conference devoted to transforming homosexual people into heterosexuals

Mariella Frostrup on being 40 on television

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 12:19

The broadcaster and journalist admits getting older in TV is a miserable business

Housing; property; estate agents

Britain’s top credit rating comes under threat

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 11:58

Rating agencies are thought to be considering a downgrade for the UK as a result of the new borrowing plans set out in the Budget

H&M’s Williamson fashion range sells out in minutes

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 11:23

Fans of Matthew Williamson queued for hours for a chance to snap up some affordable couture

Liverpool face must-win game at troubled Hull

News Fri 24 Apr, AT 10:02

Rafa Benitez’s men will need to overcome fierce resistance when they travel to Phil Brown’s relegation-threatened Tigers