Tanvir Hussain

After the liquid bomb plot, what now for UK security?

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 17:59

In the middle of a financial crisis, the British government is struggling to convince the public that home-grown Islamic terrorism is a real risk

Beatles Rock Band

John, Paul, George - Bingo!

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 17:53

Amid much media hype, the video game ‘The Beatles - Rock Band’ is launched today. But is it any good?

Rashid Rauf

Is liquid bomb mastermind Rashid Rauf dead or alive

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 14:43

If Rauf was killed in a US drone attack, why does he still appear on Pakistan's most wanted list?

Hugo Chavez and Oliver Stone

Hugo Chavez walks Venice red carpet with Oliver Stone

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 13:44

The Venezuelan president is the subject of Stone’s new film, South of the Border

Annie Leibovitz

Loan deadline looms for Annie Leibovitz

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 13:18

The Vanity Fair photographer must pay back a £24m loan today, or faces losing her life’s work

Hitler, Stalin, sex, party

Aids advert shocks Germany with Hitler sex pictures

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 13:11

An Aids awareness campaign has used shocking imagery of Hitler having sex to claim that the disease is a mass-murderer

Arsenal's Francesc Fabregas (left) beats Middlesbrough goalkeeper Brad Jones

Cesc Fabregas says Arsenal won’t be bullied out of games again after Man Utd

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 12:18

Meanwhile, off the pitch, Alisher Usmanov bids to become the largest single shareholder in the club and possibly trigger a takeover bid


T-Mobile UK to merge with Orange

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 11:29

The two mobile firms are set to to combine, creating the UK’s leading mobile service provider

British retail sales slide back again in August

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 10:31

Shopkeepers suffer as hot weather and sporting events keep shoppers away from the high street

Aaron Lennon; England

Fabio Capello to start with Aaron Lennon on the right

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 09:34

England’s boss aims to recreate Theo Walcott’s famous performance against the same opposition in Zagreb last year

Abdulla Ahmed Ali; Assad Sarwar

Transatlantic bomb plot: 3 British Muslims convicted

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 08:56

Terrorists were masterminded by Rashid Rauf, believed to have direct links to al-Qaeda

Roger Federer

Federer reaches quarters with win over Robredo

News Tue 8 Sep, AT 07:09

The Swiss No 1 took less than two hours to ease to a straight-sets victory over the 14th seed, while Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal prepare