Book review: The Missing

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 14:32

Tim Gautreaux has produced an enthralling saga of life on a 1920s Mississippi steamer boat

Michael Jackson's final rehearsal

Jackson’s final rehearsal could become last album

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 14:13

Michael Jackson’s Wednesday night practice for his ‘This is it’ tour was recorded, concert promoters AEG Live have revealed

Book review: Reflections on the Revolution in Europe

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 13:41

This bracing new polemic from right-wing US journalist Christopher Caldwell questions whether Europe will exist in its current form in 50 years time

Che Part One

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 13:33

Steven Soderbergh's biopic of Che Guevara is more truthful than most biographies

Revolutionary Road

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 13:27

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are miscast in this digestible, cosy film adaptation of Richard Yates's 1961 novel

Rachel Getting Married

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 13:19

Family drama starring Anne Hathaway as an addict fresh out of rehab who returns home for her sister's wedding

Yemenia Air

Child found as Airbus crashes into sea

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 11:43

A five-year-old child is believed to be the only survivor of Yemenia Air flight IY626, which crashed off the Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros

Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard at Public Enemies European Premiere

Depp and Cotillard wow at Public Enemies premiere

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 11:11

Johnny Depp pays tribute to Michael Jackson but says the eccentric singer was not the inspiration for Willy Wonka

Andy Murray

Wimbledon has entered a new era

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 10:07

Media comment: The Centre Court roof has ushered in a new age of night-time games, and its first last night was a true classic

Housing; property; estate agents

House prices rise again in June

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 09:56

The average price of a house in the UK was up for the second month in a row, according to a report by the Nationwide

Darling and Mandelson at war

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 09:40

The Mole: Brown has to halt the turf war between his Chancellor and his number two, says our Westminster insider

Bank of England

OECD predicts ‘double-dip’ downturn

News Tue 30 Jun, AT 09:17

The OECD has warned of a bleak future for Britain, predicting a second bout of recession