Tamil protest

Tamils march in London as Sri Lanka mops up Tigers

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Tamil protestors stepped up their protests in London today as the Sri Lankan government gave the Tamil Tiger separatist guerillas 24 hours to surrender

Chavez gives Obama 'The Open Veins of Latin America' by Eduardo Galeano

How Eduardo Galeano gained overnight fame

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Hugo Chavez’s gift of a little-known book to Barack Obama has sent the exiled Uruguayan writer shooting up the bestseller lists

Susan Boyle

Why Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle makes people weep

Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00 Coline Covington

Unassuming yet quietly confident, the astonishing rise by the Scottish singing spinster is a tale of two egos, says Coline Covington

Lindsay Lohan

How Will Ferrell rescued Lindsay Lohan’s career

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

The US comedian’s website Funny or Die is giving a host of celebrities a cheap, easy and immediate way to rehabilitate their tarnished careers

Michael T Duke

Michael T Duke is making a killing from the gun boom

Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00 Charles Laurence

While murder and suicide numbers soar, the Wal-Mart CEO watches his supermarket giant capitalise on booming weapons sales

How Bordeaux overturned Judgment of Paris

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

An infamous blind tasting of French wines against California’s crop taught Gallic winemakers not to rest on their laurels

More videos show police violence at G20 protests

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Two new videos and a report on police behaviour issued by climate change campaigners will increase the pressure on the Metropolitan Police

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman donates brain to science

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Newsnight presenter hopes to help scientists at Imperial College London research Parkinson’s disease and encourage other potential donors

Raping, pillaging Vikings were progressive

News Sat 18 Apr, AT 02:00

They’ve gone down in history as axe-wielding barbarians who raped their way across Europe. Now they’re enjoying a rehabilitation

Maxim, the wayward child who conquered the world

News Sat 18 Apr, AT 01:00

Maverick publisher Felix Dennis remembers the glory days of the genesis of the ultimate lads' mag