Megrahi; Brett Duxbury

Lockerbie: If Megrahi can go free, why can’t a burglar dying of cancer?

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 13:42

Within a week of the Lockerbie bomber’s release, a Lancashire prisoner, also terminally ill, was refused his freedom. Why?

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

BP in ‘giant’ new oil strike

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 10:22

The oil major has made a potentially huge oil discovery in its fields in the Gulf of Mexico

Chappaquiddick; Edward Kennedy; Mary Jo Kopechne

Kennedy memoirs reveal regret at ‘terrible decisions at Chappaquiddick’

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 09:48

Anger as New York papers leak details of late senator’s memoir ahead of publication

Kervorkian Murray

‘Dr Death’ steps in as Jacko is finally buried

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 09:48

Jack Kevorkian says the pop star’s physician should not be prosecuted because he gave Jackson what he wanted

YouTube reaches UK music video deal

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 09:36

The video streaming site has agreed a licensing deal with the organisation representing British songwriters

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya receives support from government and Indian runner

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 09:31

The 800m world champion at the heart of a gender controversy, is backed as she seeks to salvage her reputation

Gordon Brown

Lockerbie fall-out: the pressure mounts on Brown

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 08:41

Politicians, lawyers and newspaper commentators on both sides of the Atlantic attack the ‘duplicitous’ Prime Minister

Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal win at the US Open

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 08:31

World Number One and Three seeds progressed with straight sets wins last night

John Terry; Ashley Cole; Chelsea

Ancelotti signs up John Terry & Ashley Cole for life

News Thu 3 Sep, AT 07:27

The move, plus Arsenal’s long-term deals for its youngsters, suggests a change in transfer policy by two of the Premier League’s cannier managers

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp

Is District 9 director Neill Blomkamp the new Steven Spielberg?

News Wed 2 Sep, AT 19:17

FILM OF THE WEEK: Low-budget sci-fi District 9 has impressed the critics with its take on apartheid-era South Africa

George W Bush behind bars

Obama’s last chance to save his presidency from failure

Wed 2 Sep, AT 18:29 Alexander Cockburn

After his surrender on healthcare and banking, the only way Obama can save his presidency is to put Bush and Cheney behind bars

Ford Iosis MAX: the future of MPVs

News Wed 2 Sep, AT 18:13

A concept that could lead to a stylish MPV in the form of the new C-MAX